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Best wishes for 2022 from the PR Dev Team! Check out our highlight detailing some of the features coming with the soon to be released v1.7 update for Project Reality:BF2! Including authentic vehicle projectile ballistics, FCS, 4x4km WW2 map with aeroplanes and much more!

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After a long wait, we can finally share details of the bigger additions and changes coming with the release of Project Reality: v1.7. Here is a more in depth look into some of the major features you can find in our 40th major release. We also made Devcast to show some of these items in action:

Vehicle fire control system (FCS)

Up until now we had a rather primitive implementation of projectile ballistics to simulate the ability of vehicles to account for drop due to modern fire control systems. This all changes now. After reversing the ballistics code and understanding how it works, we managed to create our own FCS computer that calculates required adjustments to hit where you want to. Not only does the firing solution consider the drop due to gravity, it also includes friction slowing down projectiles. Further it can account for the offset between camera and barrel, the height difference to target, banking of the vehicle as well as speed of the vehicle. Just as their real life counterparts, not every vehicle will have the same capabilities for their FCS. The main types are:

  • Static sight: You have to rely on range markings in the sight
  • Adjusting sight: The crosshair moves to show where to aim
  • Adjusting barrel: The barrel moves to hit where you are aiming

Additionally some vehicles are equipped with laser rangefinders while others are not. With this all projectiles fired from vehicles will now have authentic ballistic properties. Infantry weapons will remain as they are for now. Updating those is an even bigger task than doing the vehicles. Below in the screenshots you can find examples of the FV 510 Warrior's static sight, the T-72S1's adjusting sight and the BMP-3M's adjusting barrel accordingly.

The FCS is not limited to tanks and APCs, we also updated jets and even SPAAA with their own versions for firing solutions. As such modern jets got updated to utilize Constantly Computed Impact Point (CCIP) which will show where bombs will land on the ground. Additionally ground attack jets will also utilize CCIP to show the impact of their main gun. Fighter jets and SPAAA supporting radar targeting will be able to lock onto aircraft with their guns to show a marker predicting where to aim and hit the target. This radar locking will also trigger the victims radar warning receivers and can be countered using flares.

Here are some short instructions on the usage of FCS. We recommend reading the updated manual for more in depth coverage.

  • In the bottom right it shows the current set range and available capabilities of your vehicle.
  • The range can be adjusted manually using the como-rose (Default Q).
  • Vehicles featuring a laser rangefinder can automatically set the range pressing the Change Camera key (Default C).
  • Laser rangefinders have a cooldown period after use. The icon turns red while rangefinder cannot be used.
  • Main gun and coaxial MG cannot be active at same time as firing solution can only applied for one weapon. To switch between main gun and coaxial MG use the Switch Weapon key (Default F).
  • The FCS on SPAAA, jet and helicopter gunners is always active and does not require any additional input from the player.
  • Drop markings are only accurate for vehicles that rely on them. Vehicles that have different FCS (moving sight or barrel) do not show accurate markings.

World War 2 planes and Anti-Air

Our WW2 theatre finally enters the air. Both the US Army and the Wehrmacht get reinforced by the fight planes. For US Army the P51D equipped with 50cal and rockets joins the fight. While the Wehrmacht will receive support from the Messerschmidt BF109 and JU-87B Stuka. Both are equipped with MGs and a single bomb. Right now these planes will only be found on Fields of Kassel, but might make an appearance on existing WW2 maps in later updates.
The ground forces will be able to defend themselves with a Flak 38 mounted on an Opel Blitz and M45 Quad 50cal mounted in the back of M3 Halftrack.

Fields of Kassel

To give the planes the space they need, Ason created this 4x4km based on the battle around Kassel. Filled with lots of trenches, forests, fields and villages the map offers a wide variety of different locations to fight over. Special credit to Unicode as well for the creation of the loading music for this map.


To further update the Chinese Factions to a modern version of the armies, Tim270 created this modern 8 wheeled beast. It is equipped with a modern FCS, thermal imager, a powerful 30mm canon as well as 2 HJ-73C missiles. As this vehicle enters the service in game, the older ZSL-92 and ZBD-86A got adjusted accordingly. This means the ZBL-08 will be the only Chinese IFV featuring thermal imaging and modern FCS.
The HJ-73C missile is a SACLOS guided missile that is slightly faster, more stable and has higher damage than the old HJ-73. It will be featured on all Chinese IFV (ZBL-08, ZBD-86A, ZSL-92B).

ZBL-08 Stats:

  • Main gun:
    • Caliber: 30x165mm
    • Rate of fire: 360 RPM
    • FCS: Barrel adjusting
  • Secondary armament:
    • 7.62x54mm coaxial MG
    • HJ-73C ATGM
    • Smoke launchers
  • Optics:
    • Thermal imaging: Yes
    • Magnification: 2x, 6x
  • Laser rangefinder: Yes

HJ-73C Stats:

  • Maximum Speed: 120m/s
  • Guidance: wire guided SACLOS
  • Warhead: Tandem

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For more information, please feel free to join us on our public forums to discuss this and other news. Also, be sure to connect to Project Reality through social media to stay informed and receive up to the minute updates, the occasional leaked bit of information, and more! See you on the battlefield!

- The Project Reality Team


Damn, Ason really knocked it out of the park with Fields of Kassel! Been following progress of that map for past few years now and it is really looking super amazing! I can;t wait to give it a go!

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Field of Kassel and BF109G6 fits so well, glad to see it here. Thanks for the awesome map :)

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I literally comented something about that FC system in some dev video recently...

Good thing you guys managed to make it

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