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Cleanse your land from crime and sin or join the wretched dregs to slay the innocent. Way of the law or way of the knife? You decide.

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Plakat 23 gorizont 1920

Project Pastorate

On December 31, 999 AD, the Pope Sylvester II, an infamous blasphemer, who received his post by beating the Devil at dice, solemnly celebrated the last Mass. The bell rhythmically tolled the last moments of mankind before the Judgment Day. “Our Father in heaven, save and protect us sinners from the infernal flames and the hellhounds that bared their fangs to tear our souls.” It didn't help. The end of the world came right on schedule and showed no mercy.

Only a few fortunate managed to escape the cataclysm on a remote and unknown island. This community subsequently spawned the first Pastor, the hierarch under whose government the new state grew and flourished with time.

Eventually, new Pastors came, and with them changed the flock. Changed until the handmade paradise was stricken with the deafening thunderclap - a murder was committed. Then another one and another one… At that time arsons, cattle rustling and robberies began. Gradually, the darkness superseded the sunlight…

Lambs grew weary of being laid under a hatchet, so they cried and crawled to their Pastor, begging the Father to hurriedly deal with the flayers, restore order in the common house. Thus, the Devoters appeared, the hope and support of ordinary people, their defenders and protectors, making silver linings seen to the hearts tormented by injustices.

There is no cold fierce enough, no heat hot enough, no storm or hurricane deadly enough to stop the Devoters from fighting the wicked with seething zeal and ready swords. They live for the sake of their people. And for the sake of their people, they would die. This is their story, unveiled and unadorned, exactly as the Pastorate chroniclers told it over many generations.






"First, love dies. Then hope is gone. There's only one thing immortal - faith. Faith will stay alive and roam the Earth forever, even after the last human's breath. The stones and the wind will treasure it until new souls come, ready for His words, eager to let them in. Thus spoke the Pastor. And our faith grew stronger."

So, basically it's a visual novel set in the land of crime and sin that needs to be cleansed. This task is taken up by the Devoters, the special service whose main purpose is to preserve the safety of the country; and the Pastor - leader of this post-apocalyptic community.

We will have multiple endings depending on your choices during the game. Atmospheric soundtrack included. Also we do have a battle system implemented in the form of card game as you've already seen above which is kinda unique for such genre.

Recently we made it to Steam (aiming for release in May) whereas Demo was available for some time prior to that. Thus, if you're interested please check us out and tell what you think about this whole shebang. Really looking forward to hear back from you, dear colleagues! Please take care and have a good one )

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