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set in post apocalypse world, human race has evacuate to live in sky city. Despite having devastate the Earth surface in the last war, mankind is going to repeat their mistake again.

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"Mother Earth used to be a caring, loving mother. We know she loved all of us. What do you think went through her mind when she bear witness of her child murdering each other and burning down their own houses?

The pain, the grief…. the insanity. The latter of which I think, is what finally happened to her. "
- Anonymous, AD 2048

The year is 2081, following the Great War between great nations; the water level raised and swallowed much of the earth’s surface… as if the planet tried to wash away our bloodstains. The most of the surviving human were wiped out my mysterious plaque that we have no cure for. Those of us with the means… escaped to the sky.

We found ourselves trapped on our own planet. A handful of gigantic space elevators became our refuge. Great pillars hanging in a delicate balance from the heaven. We reform, rebuild, and re-purpose. We carved nations out of thin air.

Thus arrived; the age of sky. We thrive, even on the planet that no longer welcomes us.

Nearly a hundred years have passed since our departure. Tales of the surface life were passed down through generations. The earth as we used to know existed in the archive, or in tales told by the poor miners whose life of servitude in domed mining outposts keep the our sky cities afloat.

You’d have thought that living on a planet that went insane will inject us a dose of sanity. If only we’re so fortunate

Sky cities with orbital elevators became super powers. They use their access to space to wage war in the sky for supremacy. The conflict was sometimes political, but mostly for the much needed resources to feed the ever demanding machine that sustains our lives.


I did a Let's Play/First impressions on this game! Come check it out if ya like!
Big thanks to the developer/publisher for this great game!
Hope you enjoy.

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