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The project has gotten a pretty good start and I got the basics sorted and am now implementing them one by one. So far I've made two basic test maps jst to be able to test out the different towers. It is all slowly commingtogether and I'm having a great time coding for this old game once Again - I'm a bit rusty, but it's all comming back i feel :-)

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Done so far:

  • 2 testmaps
  • 33 types of ballons (66 when taking into account the they can all wear camouflage)
  • 6 towers and their 3 upgrade levels
  • 11 weapons
  • Camouflage detection upgrade

Currently under Construction:

  • Menu system to handle the shopping of weapons, towers and upgrades
  • Balloon spawn system (requires lots of testplay to get right)

To be done:

  • A LOT!!!
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