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Project Evans rizes again with a "tiny" update! Check out our lastest renders!

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Greetings everyone! Time for a small update on Project Evans! This time I'll be showing for you:

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GLA Boats are a very pecualiar "ship" for GLA. They basicaly work as a water combat cycle. With Anti-Ship missles or a small MG or a suicide demo charge, the Boats are versatile and cheap. They can make a good damage on early game assaults. I need to say that this deisgn has changed a little since (the turret position) this update.

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The updated model of USA Shipyard. Also, after these renders, i want to tell you that our site is now up (still under construction), and soon we'll have new forums. I invite everyone to join We still setting up, but you can join our comunity. The realese date is closing! The 1.0 version will have fully functional water warfare systems!

Bonus Concept Art:

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This is the Catalina Mk2. The old WW2 plane Catalina were salvaged and upgraded by GLA's engineers, this is now the Sub-Hunter: Catalina Mk.2 Armed with 2 persecutors torpedos, and able to detect submerged subs, Catalina is a powerfull and faster anti-sub airplane. Can only be built on GLA Air Sea Port.

-Gen.Kenobi out.
Project Evans Mod Leader


Like I say for many mods, KEEP WORKING!!!

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feillyne Staff

Look good. :-)

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Yup, looking good. Except... the first thing I thought about the boats was "someone should really clean that toilet bowl!" :P

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