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A Talk about some fixes and new features for Project Crypt.

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Project Crypt 1.2

Hello, This is Tabijaky, Here to show off some fixes and new features that Project Crypt will receive in the future.

For the release,
We focused on making sure the general gameplay and story were finished,
because of this, certain gameplay features were left unfinished or not even made at all.

Before I start, I want to address the Random Crashes that some players are getting.
These crashes happened because the player's PCs specs
did not match the system requirements for the GZDoom Version of Project Crypt.

While on paper it only uses up a gigabyte of RAM,
you only should use the GZDoom version if you have 6 GB of RAM or more, because as your playthrough goes on, GZDoom starts to use up more memory.

It's even more relevant if you have an integrated graphics card, so if you have only 4 GB of RAM or a laptop, use the LZDoom version
or change the rendering API in the Video Settings option, to Vulkan or OpenGL ES.

Now onto the features and fixes:


Dual Wieldable weapons


In the current version of Project Crypt, Only the Lantern was Dual Wieldable with 3 other weapons
That being the Knife, Glock and Hammer.

In Version 1.2, it will be finally possible to combine the flashlight with weapons. But it's restricted only to melee weapons
because of balancing choices



New Game +


Once you have completed Project Crypt
You will unlock a new menu button called "New Game+"

New Game+ changes the gameplay of Project Crypt
depending on what modifer you want activated,

For example:
Have slow enemies with more health
or fast enemies with less health

Limit your inventory by one from every slot or two.

Remove your HUD only showing your sprint or nothing at all,

Or speedrun the whole game from start to finish in Time Trial.

These can be activated separately from each other or combined into one,
I'm slowly coming up with new ideas for this concept,
these are some that we have come up with so far.

image 1


Lighting Environment


Project Crypt is going to receive an engine update.
The new engine version will bring in a new and improved lighting system.
This new feature looks as if it's a different game engine like Source or Unreal.
It's still not yet available, but as soon as it is, we'll begin working on incorporating it into the main game.

The current lighting system used by GZDoom is inefficient and is partially responsible for some of the slow-downs happening in the game.
This new lighting system will not only improve the look of the game but also make it run better. However, this new lighting system most likely
won't come to LZDoom, because that engine is considered legacy by the engine developers and is not as up-to-date as GZDoom is

Please note that these images were made when both the "lightmap" feature and Project Crypt itself were not finished.

image 2




A small feature I added was blinking items.
This is so players can find the necessary items to continue progress,
either ammo, weapons or objective items found throughout Project Crypt.

There were frequent cases in one of the levels in Project Crypt,
Where you would need to find an item and bring back to the start to continue, At some point players got lost and couldn't beat the level.
This should help players be able to complete it and continue on with Project Crypt.

Though it may make these items a bit more easier to find than normal,
it will at least make it fair for those who don't enjoy looting in corners constantly.

And a new visual change I added are Enemy Corpses on Slopes being rotated,
Essentially whenever an enemy dies on a downwards or upwards slope, their model will adjust to that slope
as seen in these images.

ezgif 2 c0ed481244

image 3


One more thing

If you found any bugs please be sure to report them to our Discord Server

You can also check this video I prepared for you for a more direct visual showcase

Thank you for playing my game, And I'll see you again soon.

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