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The gameplay video released yesterday is now available in English!

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The game's core story

Both outcasts, both expendables, both destined to be Cleaners of New Vericia. It's the faith of Grendy Flisk and Klenda Fols, two individuals that, ironically, rejected from society itself now fight to defend it from the so called Monsters, inhabitants of the swamp that surrounds the city, which kills the citizens and take their place to live a human life in the New Vericia's society. Coming from a place where none of this doubts tormented him , Flisk now doubts the definition of "monster" itself while the investigations he carries out together with Klenda are taking him one step closer to the truth, a reality hard to digest.

Some gameplay features

The game features a real-time combat system, which we will cover in detail later on! Faithful to his "core", the battles in the game require a certain degree of logic in order for the player to win them.

The partner, like Klenda, will follow you everywhere and help you whenever you need him/her. The partner can also keep track of the progress you make in the investigation and can help you with the case itself. He/she can also support you in combat.

Cigarettes will play a crucial role in the game. They can help Flisk concentrate and make his investigations easier but their effects will make Flisk unable to fight against the enemy properly. The effects of the cigarettes will remain unaltered till the end of the case the player is working on!

Stay tuned for more! :)

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