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LuGus Studios is happy to announce Project Growth, an Education Game where children can learn and play in a safe and fun online environment. We dive into our rich cultural history by creating a world based on old Belgian folklore. With our background in arts we are aiming to create a games that is not only fun to play but also has a rich artistic visual style.

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LuGus Studios
is happy to announce Project Growth!

Mood concept

In Project Growth (code name) you play as an Alvergast. Alvergast are a unique human-like creature, very similar to elves, trolls and leprechauns. The Alvergast are very small (5cm) and live underground. They have a Celtic-like culture. At night the Alvergast go outside and do chores in the 'human-world' when people are sleeping. In return these giants leave some food on the tables for the Alvergasts, to thank them for the work they do at night.

Alvergast Concept

Education is very important in our project and our goal is to make 'learning' fun by incorporating education aspects in our gameplay. Our game is made for young children, we are aiming for a PEGI 3 rating. This means our world and characters look friendly and there won't be violence and gore in our game.

Alvergast Structures Concept

The gameplay consist of puzzles, exploration, collecting, character building and interaction with NPC's and other players. We hope to add many mini-games into our project. In our game you will be able to do quests in the underground Alverworld and do missions for the Alver-King Furisto in the human world.

We have been hard at work the last couple of weeks. Today we are happy to release our very first in-game screenshot of Project Growth! Gamers will be able to play our game on the web, this screenshot was taken in a web browser. Note: this screenshot is made in a very early game build, so keep in mind that this is all work-in-progress. Please let us know what you think!

First in-game screenshot

LPFreak - - 492 comments

Great idea. Tracking!

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wiiandthekid - - 19 comments

Love the art style. I'm interested in seeing how this will made educational AND fun. That's always he challenge isn't it?

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze - - 872 comments

Yes it is, but that’s exactly why we are doing this project! :)

There have been many education games, but most of the time they are not fun, that’s the main problem with these types of projects. We feel a game should always be fun, no matter what they are about. Most of the time the main problem is that those children know they are dealing with learning material, it's too obvious and not fun. They know they are being tested, and don't solve the problems because they want to but because they feel they have to, that’s not rewarding. You have to 'hide' it a bit and think about gameplay first.

They have been doing this for years with math riddles, trying to hide the boring 'math' in a story, to make it more interesting. Games are a great medium and give a lot of opportunities to do it better.

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Great artwork people!

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Paroxysm-Interactive - - 54 comments

Looking good :)

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