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I thought I'd share just how complete this thing is.

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This is no minor map pack for Portal. The most recent beta tester was able to complete the current working content in about five hours, and there's still a bit more he hasn't seen. That reminds me. Crap. I'm almost out of virgin beta testers. If you want to beta test, there are instructions on the website under "download".

Anyway, to give an idea for just how "done" this mod is, there are 29 completed, normal test chambers ready to be played. On top of that, 5 advanced chambers are totally ready and awesome. There's a total of 33 maps now in finished or near-finished condition, (some maps have more than one chamber) and a number of custom models. Speaking of which, if anyone out there thinks they can model a halfway decent waterfall, please contact me for no reason whatsoever. Also, be sure to check out the website, for some interesting stuff, and perhaps some more insight as to why this mysterious second Aperture base exists. Of course, I know that Portal 2 will find some way to make my own story incoherent and incompatible, but it'll be fun to play. Portal 2 is this giant ticking time bomb over my head. I'm moderately certain that failure to launch this mod before Portal 2's release will result in general disintrest and apathy toward the mod. I mean, it looks AWESOME and despite the fact that this mod contains several gameplay mechanics unlike anything I've ever seen, there's still the whole co-op thing. Please note, though, that this mod contains none of the techniques stolen from the Portal 2 trailer and has actually been in development since early 2008.

p0rtalplayer - - 187 comments

This mod looks good! Can't wait to play!

And...there is no portal 2 trailer

"Please note, though, that this mod contains none of the techniques stolen from the Portal 2 trailer..."

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reepblue - - 356 comments

I know how you feel about Portal 2. Just keep working and aim for a date before the fall. :)

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AmaroqDricaldari - - 1,331 comments

Every Portal Modder who visited this website needs to start working together on a Super Mod for Portal. With the combined skills of everyone, they can literally out perform Valve when it comes to Portal, and perhaps even join Valve. You guys are just some of them.

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