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It's time to talk about the future of the project. Here are some short but very important details about the development.

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Hello ;-)

A lot of you have asked me if the game is dead, when it's released and what the progress is. Well here are some facts:


  • the current version contains 6 full working weapons
  • dynamic calculatet recoil based on movement amd health
  • iron sights for all weapons
  • breath holding system in sniping mode
  • Ammo management -> reloading a half full magazine and you'll lose the ammo in this magazine


  • 2 Maps are completly done, 1 is very early in progress
  • large, open design
  • thick vegetation -> ~10.000 Trees, ~100.000 Grass bushes

I restarted the development in summer 2014 on Unreal Engine 4. Right now It's working very well and it's full playable. I'm working hard on a stable version and I'm planning to announce the game within the next week with a trailer and also release a pre-Alpha demo in the upcoming weeks!

Here is a short teaser for you:

Stay tuned!


Interesting, it's great to know that there are still fans who know of IGI and it's legacy on tactical FPS gameplay.

I wonder though, what else do you intend to change from the original IGI?

Voices? The map layout themselves? The silly fact that you've given a loud gun (M16A2, why?) in what is supposed to be a stealth mission in the Radar Base level?

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KAEPS133 Author

I'll talk about these details when I'll announce the game with a trailer, screenshots and so on.

This is a very complex topic, but be sure, it's already amazing :)

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Cool, will wait to see more.

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haha that last thing with the m16 is so true but radar base is still the best mission anyways

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