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Just an overview of some of the new Imperial ships- and bugs. NOTE- click pics for full-sized versions at TinyPic. They wouldnt load fully here.

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For those of you who have played the old versions, this will be a refresher course. For those of you waiting fir the full version, this is a sneak peek. Well, to start with, most factions (Empire, Rebels, ZC to be specific) have a planet-based tech system- the planets' max tech level is the type of ships built there. For Example:

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Here is a Level 5 world, Coruscant. The Death Star 2 is bugged, needs to be updated for the pricing system, as does the Executor. Neutralizers do not show up in the build tab.

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This is a level 4 world. The tree is a little sparse right now, but when the tech tree is finalized, a few other units will be added here.

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Level 3. Levels 3 and 5 contain the most units. The interdictor portrayed here is a more powerful version of the stock model. It has six lasers instead of 4. The second VSD shown here will become the Victory 3. The Venator here has more powerful hardpoints, and carries TIES instead of VWings and ARCs. Level two is a clone of level one, with a Lancer corvette thrown in the mix.

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And now a Level One world. The most basic, with an old venator, Z95s (The Empire did use them), and ARC170s. As you can see the Venators like to duplicate.

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i somehow neglected to mention the dreadnought...

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