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Another update this month!This updates features;models, level design, and concept art.

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Hello everyone!I'd like to welcome you to the second update of august.This update features a lot of work in progress, and some other stuff.

Aside from that, we also are glad to announce that our website is close to a public release.Our website will feature forums, information about this project & a lot more.Also after the release of the website, we we'd like to have the community register on the site to send in suggestions for the mod, so we can create the best Half-Life 2 horror modification.

Well with that out of the way, lets get onto the progress & media, shall we :-).
This months update not has a lot, since we are still busy trying to get Source 2013 at a state where it has less bugs and most stuff is still at a state where theres no reason to show it to the public.

Some models that you'll see in-game.

Media update - August

The final iteration build of the chapter "Pressure", with placeholders.

Media update - August

Concept art of one of the research laberatories.

Media update - August

And an heavily work in progress Glock-19.

Media update - August

And last but not least, we are still looking for some talented developers who would be able to help us in the development of this modification.Even though the development is going pretty decent now, we are always looking for people to speed up the progress.

How to apply?Its very simple, just send an e-mail to, with your work attached (or portfolio), and we'll try to respond as quick as possible.

Here are our currently open positions & the requirements to join us:
- 3d artist
- Texture artist
- Programmer
- Concept artist
- Choreographer
- Animator

Just click on the position you'd like to apply, and read the requirements.
NOTE*:The divisionstudios e-mail is old, just send it to, like mentioned before.

That closes unfortunatly this months update.We hope to see you next month at the launch of the website!

Capt.Host - - 853 comments

I surely hope you can create the best HL2 horror modification ;)

Keep up the awesome job guys !!!

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ColdZero_0 - - 18 comments

That motivated us a lot. Seriously.
Thanks for all the support!! :D

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Dejected-Angel - - 1,366 comments

I hope this mod doesn't dies, it gets more interesting everyday.

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ColdZero_0 - - 18 comments

It won't die, i can assure you that.
Even if it takes 8 or more years we're going to finish it.

Thanks for the support!!

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delt4 Author
delt4 - - 237 comments

It wont, we got a strict rule policy to keep things rolling :).

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