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A release is coming very soon- but I have a query regarding the sounds.

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Apologies to all for the lack of updates. All maps are actually in the "nearly finished" category but I think for now I'll settle for a four-map release, as three of the maps are already completely done.

One question regards the soundtrack. I have some remixes of Classic Doom tunes which I've been given permission by their authors to use, and the use of them creates a strongly "old school" feel. On the other hand, well-placed use of the Doom 3 ambient sounds (including some musical ones) makes for a more immersive experience of the sort that I've been aiming for. It's essentially a tradeoff between old-school feel and immersion. I do have the option of using the music only at key points (as is done in Half-Life) and also providing gamers with a choice between the two via the menu although the latter requires work and would delay the final release of the mod (which is likely to come after the forthcoming 4-map release).

Any thoughts on this?

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IMO, use the music at key points and let the rest have ambient sounds.

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Ivan_the_B - - 96 comments

I think it depends on the gameplay you are developing.
If it's an endles "old school" frag fest, doom musics should fit well.
If you are focusing on exploration and atmosphere, use them only at key points.

In any case, you should add a music volume slider in the main menu.
I could help you adding it in your mod if you want.

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