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The sixth development diary of RC&C contains Russian Warlords, the Hindustan interactions, and a look at the approaching-completion of the Lotharingia/Spain/Italy content.

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Welcome back! I'm proud to say this has been one of the most impactful patches to be released so far, nearly completing all flavor, events, and decisions (besides a few holdups) for Lotharingia, Italy and Spain. The giants of Western Europe are set to showcase the world of Crisis and Chivalry properly. Alongside all of this, witness the first look at Russia's desolate starting situation, and Hindustan's giant but limp fist in their Qing-like new treaty port interactions.

What's changed:

french decision

  • As Lotharingia, choose the direction of your nation and expand the Empire. For it is Lothar's will!
  • Pick between a Western or Eastern direction in relation to your western cultures, choosing to opt for a more German or French approach. This will lock you out of some accepted cultures, but not all of them.
  • Interact with your personal union in the East! Brand new decisions and mechanical events allow you to fully embrace the union-state between you and your quasi-puppet state in Indonesia, the Majapahit Raja. Functioning as this world's British Raj, support their conquest of the islands by making the other Malay and Bornean nations satellite-states, allowing the Majapahit to restore their 'old rule'.

spain 1

  • As Spain, reunite the Empire at home and strike back at the colonies!
  • Seeing both domestic and international strife, reforge the empire ontop of your rebellious Iberian cousins and reconquer North Africa. Decide on a colonial approach, full sails to Africa, or split your focus with Asia?
  • Break your stability streak! As the grandest and most stable of the Trent Signatories, face domestic turmoil possibly resulting in the changing of the Royal Dynasty! Pick between a local noble, a Kounic, or a Italian landowner.

italy 1

  • As Italia, curtail the Northern Confederation, strengthen the Republic, and possibly see it all crumble under a New Empire...
  • Reunite the old Italian Republic that stood for 100 years before it's fall in 1732. The North Italian Confederation represents the German-half of the Peninsula and if they win, Italy will be reforged under a new identity distinct from the Greek-half.
  • Cross the Mediterranean and find your old Libian-Maltese cousin-settlers.
  • Face the dangerous Catalino Conspiracy, and choose your side and make your bed. If you fail, the Republic will be struck with martial law under a new Caesar...


  • Hindustan (and the other Indian Minors) can be attacked for their treaty ports.
  • Hindustan starts at over 100 million pops, countless brigades, and almost all of India under their puppet-states. But is a glass-cannon, starting in 1850 their vassals will break away, allowing Europe to engulf their treaty ports for their own imperialistic purposes.


  • Russia has been long abandoned and isolated from the world stage. And is set to stay that way unless one can unite Rus again.
  • Russia throughout the ages has been desolated, sacked, plundered, and destroyed countless times in the last four hundred years. The Russia of 1836 is a shadow of a shadow. The region, now known as Pocca, is largely uncivilized and serf-ridden. If one were to unite these tribes, a new Pocca could rise to challenge the old rivals of the Rus.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been working on for these weeks! Over the course of this next month I am hoping to bring this mod up to at least a version capable for playtesting! I am excited to share this mod with you all very soon. Please take care and see you next time.


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