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The fourth development diary of RC&C contains important culture changes, numerous events, localization, and more.

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Welcome back to another dev diary. I know it has been some time since we last spoke on the development of the mod. Unfortunately in my own personal life I no longer have the amount of free-time that I once did to focus on modding. Development will continue, albeit at a reduced pace. With that, let's jump into what we're looking at today.

What's changed:


  • Many of the old events from the previous iteration of the mod have been recovered and saved. With brand new localization for many of the events.
  • It's likely the amount of events stayed the same all else equal, but now they function properly, affect the in-game world, and have choices and event-chains. Italy, Lotharingia, Spain, USA, Zapadoslavia, Japan, Catalonia, Galicia, Russians, Hindustan, Indian minors, and Aksum have all received events. All in all 88 events now exist ingame.
  • Aksum, Italy, and Spain now have relevant decisions.

spain cultures


poland cultures

  • These countries and others have received new cultures and pop-moving to signify the historical transition of cultures.
  • In Spain, with the continent unified under nearly 200 years of Spanish domination, the cultures are much more intermingled and distributed across central Iberia. In North Africa, the gold colored culture is a mixed culture of the local population and Spanish settlers that has emerged after 300 years of integration.
  • In Lotharingia, French culture has seen a grand diminishing as Lotharingia early-on pivoted their focus towards the restoration of a new 'Frankish' culture, mostly descending from the old Burgundian one. Norman, Picard, and Breton have all overtaken French on the frontier provinces.
  • In Zapadoslavia we see a quite peculiar culture that is quite spread out, the blue colored culture. This represents the people of Zapadoslavia that believe in the 'Interslavic Unity Dream' and consider themselves, "The combination and unity of all Slavdom". As such, they are called Interslavs.


  • Canada has received a facelift
  • Another important thing to mention in general is the balancing and fine-tuning mentioned in the last development diary. Across the world all nations now start with a military and navy if applicable/historical. Artisans and factory placement has been conducted and does not immediately explode the world market.

new spheres europe

  • Europe has had it's Sphere of Influences' sorted out.
  • Europe is largely devoid of common markets quite yet, with the British isles, Zapadoslavia, and North Africa the obvious exceptions. The fight for dominance over the continent remains wide open.


  • Africa has had it's historical nations return.
  • With the history of Africa from the EU4 conversion rather inconvenient in terms of realistic, fun, or engaging storytelling in Vic2; the decision was made to return Africa to mostly the same as our timeline. The most significant changes occur in East and South Africa, with the rise and fall of the Aksum Empire, and the growing settler-states in the South. In the West, the only relevant nation is the Sokoto Caliphate, who surprisingly formed in EU4 and stayed alive the entire game.

That's all for now. My hope is by next time to showcase the Russian Warlord situation, Hindustan's Qing-like interactions, more events, and more decisions. Thanks for tuning in!


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