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In this news article, I'll update you on the recent progress of things.

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Hello everyone,

it has been a while since the previous update. I'll update you on the current progress of things.

A first note

I want to note something first. I've been ill since august, and I'm still not feeling better. I had to pay frequent visits to the hospital, with no improvement seen the past months. Next to that, I've got 2 jobs now next to university, so I'm also very busy with that. Now lets get on what has been done.

The game itself

Progress on this has been near-inexistent. I've mainly been studying and experimenting. I want to find the right tools, setting and environment to make the game. I was first looking into GDI+, but now I'm looking into WPF (which is far more powerful).

There hasn't been mostly standstill though. Progress was made on the story.

The story

The storyline has gotten alot deeper, and is almost the size of a book. It will most likely be published as a book (and possibly be available as free download). The story poses some ethical questions and should make people think about their lives. A lot of the events in there reflect things happening in the current world. I hope to have the story ready by the summer of this year!

Rounding stuff up

On a last note: I hope to get started with the game soon, but it requires my real life situation to improve, and that I have gained some extra knowledge!

Till the next time!

-- Roberto


Hope you get better

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dirtbag007 Author

ty! I will, don't worry. It just takes time!

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