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The second progress update for Shadows.

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Hello Everyone!

I've been trying to get as much work done on the game before I leave for vacation. The game is coming along well so far.

List of Changes/Additions:

  • Fixed Camera Problem
  • Improved Skybox Class (it now automatically moves quads to the right position based on texture size, thus, I was able to reduce Skybox texture size to 512 without change in appearance)
  • Reduced Skybox Resolution
  • Finished Pause Screen
  • Added Bag Menu
  • Improved Renderer Class
  • Improved GameObjectManager Class
  • Improved Model Class
  • Added LevelManager & Level Class
  • Added Vignette & Gaussian Blur
  • Added a VERY SIMPLE Climbing & Weapon System (will be improved by the time I release the next video)

What I am working on now:

  • NPCs
  • Improving Climbing & Weapon System along with Bag Menu
  • Improving Camera
  • Improving Sneak Mode
  • Getting Environment Models Into The Game

I am still waiting on the real environment and weapon models. Here's a video of all the changes below.

Kam :D


Wonderful work! You Should Definitly make more FPS games with this same engine when your done with Shadows!

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KamRandle Author

Hey Skullboy99, Thanks for the support! You read my mind! LOL :D

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I would gladly pay to play this game.

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I would pay $10 right now just for this tech demo. When this game officially comes out I would gladly pay whatever the asking price is. And like Skullboy99 said, you need to make more of these style games on vita with the engine. Just try to stay optomistic. The worst is when very promising projects never make it out. I promise that when you release this game PSM will never be the same. (Well I mean it will still have a lot of shovel ware, but games like Super Crate Box and your own can do a lot for the survice) But yeah sorry for the long message. In short this looks sick!!!

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KamRandle Author

Hey ubergamerzz! I didn't see this message till now haha, but thanks! :) I will definitely make more games with this engine (already have a few ideas in the works). Hopefully, PSM works out and allows me to finish the game. Working with 96MB is very difficult, but I think I'm doing good so far (considering how young I am). I really appriciate your support. Really motivates me to do whatever I can to make sure that this project gets finished and released onto the PlayStation Store. Thanks Again! :)

P.S. Don't be sorry for the long message, I love feedback ;)

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