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Introducing new graphics, retro units, and faction work-in-progress!

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Progress Towards Open Beta v.0.86....

Westwood's XO Trooper Jetpack concept art

New Tiberium Refinery Art (v.0.86):

NodsRevenge ScavengerTibRefineryGDI Tib Refinery

Our re-imagining of Tiberian Dawn in a post-Yuri story has really been a fun catalyst for some unique graphics in Nod's Revenge so far...


Featured Nod Unit (in v.0.85):

NodsRevenge RobotReconBike

The "Robot Recon Bike" is the halfway point between the Tiberian Dawn "Recon Bike" and the Tiberian Sun "Attack Cycle". It is the only vehicle among the three "light transports" in Nod's Revenge with anti-air capability, and certainly a hat-trick in the Scavenger Nod Commander's arsenal.


Tiberium Bullets:

NodsRevenge StormtrooperAssault

As promised, the Black Hand stormtroopers now use tiberium bullets when promoted to elite. You can try them out on the Yuri team in Beta v.0.85.


Work-In-Progress: Renegade Hand of Nod

Black Hand Barracks (Hand Of Nod)

The slowly-evolving "Black Hand" faction is NR's (Nod's Revenge) new primary antagonist. The vehicles and infantry draw from some of our favorite "C&C Renegade" themes and Renegade 2 post-soviet ideas. Retaining the look of the classic Yuri base is pretty important for us overall, so we are taking our time and only changing/replacing buildings based on what makes the most sense for the new units and story.


Guest - - 693,177 comments

Love the renegade hand of Nod! Can't wait to play more Black Hand

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EpsilonEmpire - - 871 comments

love the black hand barracks

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bishibosh Online
bishibosh - - 137 comments

Love those Renegade-inspired voxels!

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