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Important update on the mods progress and my sore excuses for not mapping as much as I should.

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Recently I have finished a large chunk of maps for the second chapter "Hostile Depths". The second chapter is the chapter of the mod that was partially showcased in the first video I uploaded to the mod-page in 2015. The chapter has been completely redone from scratch while keeping the same layout and gameplay (shooting grunts basically) that it had before. While mapping I have also been slowly making new textures when needed.

Here are some new screen-shots showcasing the new and improved Hostile Depth's chapter:

(Elevator outside HECU blockade)20170713222050 1

(Storage room near the HECU Communications outpost)20170424210055 1

(Pump management)20170713223441 1

Along with the new maps I have gone back over the idea of changing the hud up a tiny bit. To fit the old style that I had going. Let me know if you don't like it. I have also slightly altered the weapon sounds to be more punchy, although I'm not done with them yet. I will probably showcase the newish sounds later on.


Slow Progress:

The reasons for slow progress is that I am lazy and I seek to make maps look as good as possible. The problem with wanting a map to look good is the fact that sometimes I doubt if my mapping is up to snuff. Sometimes I also lack inspiration to actually get any work done. Also video games are always there stealing my attention.

Above all of that, I might be able to get enough work done so that I can present a video to you fine people, but like always that's a maybe. Smaller videos after that might be a thing, so look out for any future updates.


Good to hear you've finished a large chunk of maps! I also like the HUD a lot, reminds a bit of Heart of Evil or a game set around that era in general for some reason. I vote "keep it".

I totally understand your slow progress and lack of inspiration, it affects us all, for larger or shorter periods. Don't worry about it. And your mapping has improved dramatically since you'd uploaded these first pictures on ModDB all that time ago. I can say with certainty that your current mapping is top notch, so no worries there :) . As for the new video, I personally preffer pics over vids or even better, time invested in mapping rather in video editing ;) .

Keep it up mate! Can't wait to see some more ;) .

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enjoyable :) canĀ“t wait for more !

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