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Just a quick update on what is done/being worked on...

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it would be polite from me to make an least once a while...
So quick, 3 main points:
1) FIXES - many abilities were reworked/polished to work (within limits of the engine) flawlessly. This includes Slaveship Beam Attack (now a targeted ability), Suuv Ban D´Krid Ram ability & Dreadnought bottom claws (both of them damage only hardpoints really visually within reach of the impact), Matalok Capturing/Tractor Worms (tractor beam+damage to 3 nearby enemy small-med sized ships) and Spore Ship Healing ability (sometimes it is simply not enough to heal Category "All", so you have to name all Vong units separately...cause they are apparently outwards of "All"). And finally I have a working Vong unit template...

2) SPACE STATION - the design for the Vong space station is done, first level completely finished; second ingame but waiting for some texture edits; third model- and UV-wise ready and the last two levels just model ready. it´s basically an asteroid with numerous asteroids of various sizes rotating around it. upgrading the station attaches some of the larger asteroids to the main one. the entire new created hull then changes and becomes more alive, presenting all features seen on Vong ships. might upload a screen on my profile later ;)

3) DEMO - with the station moreless done, releasing an alpha seems more real. it will add the Vongs as playable fourth faction for space skirmish only. no upgrades, no new units for other sides, no Vong AI, no fancy descriptions, unit count comparable to the original factions. it will feature namely these vessels:
lvl 1: Yorik-et, Yorik-Grutta
lvl 2: I´Friil Ma-Nat, Advanced Scout Ship; Uumufalh Hero (Sacred Pyre)
lvl 3: Slayer Ship, Suuv Ban D´Krid, Spore Ship
lvl 4: Matalok, Vua´Spar; Clustreship Hero (Créche)
lvl 5: Miid Ro´ik; Slaveship Hero (Tsam P´ah)
the list might be of course changed (especially the heroes), but most of these units are more than half done and still they pretty fit to the vanilla lineup imho. I would like to include the Dreadnought as well, but this would require to give other factions some supers/SSDs as well, hm... :/

So that´s it, screens should come in the near future.



Nice to see some more stuff. The space station desing sound very cool, especially with the rotating asteroids and the Vong influence becoming more apparent with each upgrade.

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i would love to see the super SSDs and the Dreadnought
its a extremly cool mod and a lot of work but you can add these ships on a later version if its to much work :)
your mod your decision
awesome stuff what we have seen, especially in these videos man!
i am looking forward to see the great new screens ;)

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Awesome news!

Chlapi, vy jste borci! :D

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