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Hey guys, I thought I might as well give you guys a progress report on how well things are going and what is already done!

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To put it simply, things are going well, but coding wise very slow. I personally feel like I am probably the most hopeless cause when it comes to coding, but with a lot of time I think I am getting somewhere.

I'll put this very simple, and just give you percentage on how much is done. I'll do that in two categories: "Out Of Game" and "Ingame". OOG is all the stuff that has been done which is not included directly in the game. Ingame obviously means it is included or will be included.

Out Of Game:
3D Models: 100%
Concept Art: 80%
Homepage: 100%
Forums: 100%
Concept & Ideas: 80%

Maps: 15%
Admin Tools: 30%
Codes In General: 20%
Added Items: 40%
NPC Stuff: 0%
Music: 60%

The Server is not yet up. Testing of the mod is not yet possible.

As you can see, the OOG stuff is going perfectly well. It's the things I know how to do haha. All the things I originally planned on doing are going just fine, are already completed or very close to completion. The things I never intended to do are going very slow though, apart from the music. We're kind of struggling with the coding that needs to be done, but I am determined to keep learning until I can do it.

However, if there is anyone out there who is willing to do the coding for our mod, I would be really really grateful. If so, please message me :)

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this mod by actively participating, or tracking this! It means a lot. :)

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Looks good, too bad i don't now how to code.

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