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We have made some progress with the engine and maps but not as much as we had hoped.

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Since last Thursdays update wasn't too exciting we had hoped to have had some big news for you all this week, unfortunately we didn't get signed off college until Monday/Tuesday which were insane days of making sure everything was done properly with work, which left us with little time to do any work here.

However, we do have some good news for you!
Our lights problem is being solved currently (hopefully!) and we have a replacement just-in-case all goes wrong. We haven't yet got the implementation of it yet, but like we said before this is only the Alpha we'll be patching bits in as we go along.

So here's what we've done!


Zombie and all other enemy AI collision is 67% complete, I just need to do a few tweaks and proper tests with the horde to make sure its all working, along with ensuring it follows the zombie hunting rules.

The horde is coming along too the features to randomzie the different zombie classes per round is coming along and has some interesting bits to it to give a nice suprise.
This is probably going to be the most challenging part of the AI, but I hope to get it done as quick as possible.


The weapons system is progressing slowly as most of the work is going into the AI. I have my plans for the weapons system set out ready for when I get to it. The bullet detection system is also planned out and will be easily implemented.

We also have a nice list of the weapons we hope to include in the Alpha, this will be posted at some point during the week (before Thursday! :O). That's something to look out for.

Another point is weapons customization - I know people like this, but, I'm not sure if its worth the time it would take. What is your opinion?

Ironsights will be coming to the game, this will most likley be patched into the Alpha after a few weeks of basic testing.


We're still not sure where we stand on the lighting, we have contacted the creators of the library we are using about the issues we have been having and await their reply, if nothing can be done we have found a backup which also looks promising.

We also have plans to include effects such as bloom and depth of field at a later date, as before they will most likely be patched into the Alpha in the later days.

Page Update

Our page here will also be having a slight update to show the statistics of development over the next few days, we also hope to get our Twitter feed on here for the latest updates along with many more things.

Thats about all we have for now - some screenshots will be coming over the next few days providing my computer doesn't start acting up again.

Kyou. - - 920 comments

Hey I'm a fan of Zombie type games and I feel that having custom guns/weapons doesnt fit into Zombie Pandemic to me. Its hard to explain it why it doesnt fit into it :s

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Bolognius_Maximus - - 619 comments

Customization... It is interesting and some people tend to like it. But if you think about a game such as left4dead, no customizations there BUT they did have those flashlights ducktaped to the barrel of the gun for instance. So maybe it might be a situation where you use anything you can to survive? If you guys want, create a custom gun customization feature.

Otherwise I don't really care. Looking forward to the game.

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JumpHammer - - 35 comments

Well, the ability to modify your weapons can cancel out any flaws that can become a death risk in the later rounds e.g. reload times, magazine size, recoil, accuracy, damage e.g. It would be nice to be able to buy stuff like new sights, scopes, special ammo types to increase damage like Incindary, Hydroshock, FMJ, Freeze rounds, explosive rounds, Electric...

The weapon upgrades should be like the perks in Nazi Zombies, only with the upgrades being for the weapons and having a visual representation of it. You could even have health upgrades with stuff like parts of body armour like helmets, flak jackets, Kevlar arm pads etc.

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