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This is the second progress report for Conquest De Europa. They will be released every two weeks. Next report on Wednesday, 8 November 2017.

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Progress Report [25/10/2017]

This is our second official update on progress made on the mod. We are still at a very early stage of development so please be patient and enjoy checking out some new screenshots of the progress so-far! We upload a new report every two weeks.
so be sure to check for the next one soon!

What's New?
- New map included into the mod. Huge thanks to Mr_Kawoosii for his help with that!
- New Flags have been completed! This is to make way for the factions also being integrated in the coming months. (Find a Sneak-Peek in the "Images")
- London is under construction! With our new models and those on the way, we have begun creating London. The map icons for London city & the addition of several villages and a few other south eastern towns in Britain.
- Work on models and troop skins. As you can see in the "Images" section, we have made our own brand-new buildings for this mod (huge shout-out to (more details throughout the week).
- Village scenes around London are well-and-truly underway, some villages have been made, open field battle scenes are complete and London is nearing completion.
- Several NPC quests & backstories have been fleshed out. We currently have 8, totally unique character stories and are working on making more. (Models are scheduled to be made at a later date)

Our Aims for next Report (8/11/2017)
- Add many of the new new troop textures, sound effects and animations into the game
- Complete London scene with fully fleshed out textures
- Make further progress on the Strategic Map (Integrate the many mentioned factions, make Scandanavia and finish placing Towns, Villages and Forts)
- Begin work on AI scene mapping for villages and towns
- Screenshots of new troops to be included!

Black-Banner & Punjabi_Panda

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