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Our current progress with the game and various other bits and bobs to know about.

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We are currently making good progress with the game and engine, I've currently got some basic AI setup and physics are coming along too.
GeneralBert should have our Alpha map complete by the end of today so I can continue to test the engine with our own levels and items, while this is happening we will also be doing concepts and designs for the new levels and new zombies ;).

Which remeinds me, we have some "special" weapons planned for you. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to discuss information on them quite yet, but we should have some sexy artwork coming to hint to their abilities. I'll have DTJ2.0 give you some info on these soon.
Side Note: We each decided on one of these weapons, GeneralBert's suits him :D

I know I say this a lot but over the next couple of weeks we should have a lot of activity, I'll have more free time to code and make sure everythings working once we all finish college work.

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cools concepts and new zombies!

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