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A lot of progress is being made behind the scenes on assets that have not yet been revealed or were revealed long ago in its infancy and these are only a small percentage of the things we are working on currently.

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Long ago ICP had many lasguns but where taken out to be reworked to a higher standard. The first one of those weapons to reappear was the Kantrael a few months ago and now finally the Voss Pattern Carbine has joined the rework gang too. Part of the reworks objective is to unify or standardize the weapons so they accept the same attachements like bayonets, scopes and sights among others:

unknown 65

ICP's small arms arsenal has been expanded by the Agripinaa Type III aswell. Made to accept lasgun scopes too if you really want to do that for some reason:

Agripinaa2 1

As you may have seen in the first screenshot of the Voss Pattern Lasgun, I've been working on som bayonets. One for Imperial forces and one for the Arch Enemy :

Sons of Sek BayonetImperial BayonetICP Bayonets

And that's it for the time being. I intend to release these in a small update with a sound update and various other bug fixes in the near future. After that i'll be focusing 100% on releasing 1.0 ASAP

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