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Progress on my Campagin, Brief overview, Evolution II and so much more! Evolution is a mod developed by Elite222 (commonly known as ether Neon Shivan, Cobra or BTA). All Rights Reserve so PAWS OFF!

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Hello my royal subjects! Its me again. Well the campagin is going smoothly finished Mission 11. While the Mission has bugs to be worked out however the Amun finaly made their first Apperance! Applauce please. That means the Campagin is about 1/3 completed. There will be at least 20 missions hopefuly. However, I could use some help. I dont have photoshop and the effects could use some work: I mainly need Grammer and English help on the campagin as my english skills suck and well, All of you people from other countries with bad English better say this "At least Im not like him" as Im an american (born american) and I suck at english spelling and grammer. Also, Anis...I could use some help with those, I want the campagin to have pretty videos :) and improved planet effects as most of the backgrounds are dull in my campagin (sorry). As for the Cockpits for some of the fighters! Some of you probly dont get the picture! They came with the model, I never made the Cockpits. They also have a little problem where the Piolt's view gets blocked off, I cannot fix that as I never made the Federation Fighters/Bombers. Thank you for Mod Watching me people and I will update the pictures and a possible video showing the Amun in Action. Again thank you and I promise this will be a good campagin....for a begginer :)

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