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Hi guys! I'd like to show you some new weapon features!

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So, there are changes:

  • Now you can SMASH enemy's head with a juicy sound by using a powerful weapon! (SPOILER: barnacle can be punished too)
  • Fountains of blood added (as an indicator of headshot)
  • Fixed: Annoying bug which associated with draw-holster animations, when you cannot change to previous weapon by fast clicking Q. Thanks to FreeSlave
  • New secondary attack for Glock: 3 rounds burst-fire
  • New secondary attack for .44 Desert Eagle: high-speed fire for close combat
  • New secondary attack for SMG: removable silencer ( -25% rate of fire, +50% accuracy). The silencer will be found separately and a bit later than the SMG.
  • Updated models for: SMG, M4A1 Carbine, Colt Python, Shotgun
  • Two types of reload (empty / not empty) for: SMG, M4A1 Carbine, Shotgun
  • New Energy Weapon added. Railgun like, based on the Tau Cannon code. It uses the energy of purple Xen crystals... WIP, anyway. Thanks to FreeSlave
  • Pipe Wrench returned! With new model!

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Mr.Maris - - 308 comments

What you did with the weapon makes me delight, I liked the way the pieces of meat and blood from the aliens scatter (Brutal Half-Life: Minimalism Mod) and the addition of new weapons.

I love how you update your mod keep it up 👍.

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PsyWarVeteran - - 1,998 comments

Nice, I always liked the flowing blood better.

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StevenKal - - 72 comments

Very good & juicy!
I hope you also fixed some "GetNextBestWeapon" calls on empty weapons (no more ammunitions), from that I recall there were bugs with that, where this did not switched to best weapon or something like (I did not tested again recently to confirm it, I just remember this).

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XF-Alien Author
XF-Alien - - 274 comments

It doesn't switch to best weapon in single player mode. Even in HL, not only in my mod. Btw, it's not a bug. If I understood rightly.

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meload - - 57 comments

Finally, the wrench! I love wrench. Smashes them all. XD

By the way, good to know that the thing that prevent fast-switching weapon is bug and was solved, good work!

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Guest - - 699,766 comments

This looks very cool! Im definetely excited for the release. However, I do hope you can disable the increased gore. I do like it, but it just seems so cruel to shoot out the eyes of the houndeyes.

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Quadro283 - - 562 comments

Very nice!

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Tovarisch_AleKK - - 45 comments

Now that's some damn nice additions to the weapon system, i like it! Having an improved gore without having to play Brutal Half-Life is a welcome addition, though i suspect some players may want an option to turn it off. Empty/full reloads sound great too, not many mods bother with implementing it

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neophus - - 591 comments

Very nice work ! you are polishing your MOD and t's very good !

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