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Some major changes to the game have been in the works. Read more to find out what!

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Progress on Endless Waves has been moving steadily. The next update will include a map editor, the game's first "mini campaign" featuring unique map geometries and an introduction to the story, as well as a reworked GUI. Some of the more minor changes related to the game can be seen in the current changelog:

changelog v056:
-Added reloading (each gun has unique mag size and reload time)
-Removed option to equip guns in buy menu
-First gun in buy menu is automatically selected upon load
-Added prices for mp5(150),m3(450) (starter guns)
-Player can now buy multiples of the same gun (double shotguns ;) )
-Increased aiming percision
-Decreased zombie speed, increased health
-Decreased player speed slightly
-Updated player avatar
-Dereased size of normal zombies
-First stage of graphical HUD
-Player can now hold 4 weapons. Equip by using 1-4 hotkeys or clicking on it in the hud.
-Any weapon can be a primary or secondary. Left click the image of the gun in the hud to assign it to the primary slot. Right click to assign to secondary slot.
-Increased bullet speed for mp5 (starter gun)
-Removed player placed walls in favor of collidable map geometries
-Doubled money gained per hit
-Laser sight for m24 (Sniper rifle)
-bugfix: Fixed increased diagnol movement speed
-bugfix: Wave ending before player gets to door
-bugfix: Fixed minor display issue with health bars

In other news..

Today the development blog for Endless Waves goes live! You can expect to see frequent updates on the more technical and design side of the game there. Go check it out!

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