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A short video to demonstrate the implementation of: activation by pickup of the laser grab power, Level Quest items (5 per level).

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So today i will show some additional work on GUI and pickups/powers.
So far i have implemented (with the help of Rakiah the master coder) :

- Activation by pickup of the laser grab power:
So as for the other bag powers you will have to find the pickup. The current shape is a dummy and will be replace by a different asset for each power.

- Level Quest items (5 per level) :
when the player will finally find 25 items (for the 5 levels) the door to the next 5 levels will be open in the main menu area.
If you died, you will need to restart with another life (3 in total) but there will be a save mechanism to keep what you have already collected.

So now only the 3D assets for each power pickup are needed + some fun particles effects. More to come...

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