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A general progress update regarding the map, the gameplay and... Read more to find out!

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News Post 30/05/11

It's good to be back on ModDB for another update!

In this last week we've been juggling this project with our studies but have been grateful that all of you are showing interest in the game; 50 watchers already! It's great to see that you support our project and we're raring to produce more screenshots and updates of what we've done. This update is going to go over what we've done since our last update, what we're focusing on at the moment and then, of course, what is to be expected in the coming weeks.


First things first, the map. We've been adding more detail, more meshes, better lighting and trying to improve everything so that it's up to our high standards. The lower part of the complex is almost finished as is just being checked through and edited where necessary. The upper part of the section has been fully built now and texturing is almost complete. The next step is to add meshes, edit the stock lighting and perform all standard checks; before we finally go through each area with a fine tooth comb.


A few basic edits have been made such as a small reduction in movement speed, removal of UDK default setting and key bindings. Nothing particularly major as of yet, we're going to make further changes to these settings further down the road.

A new addition to the game is our first weapon. The classic, ready-at-hand, pistol! We've discovered that weapon modelling is a tricky and time consuming, yet lucrative, business. We're still developing the animations, effects and sounds etc. But the gun is in the game and we're glad to see it there!


The Team

On a final note, we're looking for a few additions to our team and hoping that some of you people out there are interested in giving us a hand! At the moment we're in need of:

  • Weapon Modeler / Animator
  • Character Modeler / Animator
  • Experienced Unreal Script Programmer

If you're interested in any of these roles, please send a private message to either myself (HELLFIRE2120) or Fudsine.

That's all for this week ladies and gentlemen! Drop us a comment, track us and keep an eye on us for regular updates on the game!

~ Cactus Game Studios

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" "wake." is a zombie horror game like no other. "

Actually, what you just described is Zombie Master. I look forward to reading about what preventative steps you'll be taking in terms of "5 year old meme mitigation" and "9 year olds with voice chat."

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