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A full flashback of the mod development in 2015 :)

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Hi, guys, as the end of the year is near and the Mod of the year contest is open again I decided to make this preview of our work in the past year and to mark some highlights :)

It was a hard year for us, we had very very little time to work on the mod, as real life was very time and resource consuming, but we are hoping that we haven't disapointed you, guys, and you are still supporting us :)

So, during the year we finally saw some CIS units in game:

- The AAT Defoliator

- The J-1 Semi-autonomous Proton cannon

- Platoon Attack Craft (still needs some animations and pilot)

- Crab droid MK I and MK II


And of course a lot of republic units

- New animation for the LAATs and custom paint job for some specific units

- The RX-200

- TX-130

- AVw A5 Juggernaut and HAVw A6 Juggernaut

- Capital ships in land battles

- New Venator model

- A lot of jedi fighters (more to come)

- Pilots for all fighters and bombers

- And finally Phase 3 Pilots and new ARC-170 model

- And some Minor pilot heroes like Hawk

- And of course a lot of clone trooper units

Phase 1 and 2 Galactic marines and commander Bacara

Phase 1 and 2 Green company, part of the 41st Elite Corps

with some special custom minor heroes

Ghost Company, part of the 212th Attack battalion, 7th Sky Corps

with some special custom minor heroes

And Parjai Squad, 2nd Airborne Company

New camo armour - phase 1 deser for Ghost company and Phase 1 and 2 forest for all clones

- Also we added one of the native armies unit - The umbaran mobile heavy cannon

- And some general changes in the game

New landing point, bacta tank, sensor array and deployable mobile turret

Well, guys, this article became very long, so in conclusion I'll just ask you once more for your help and support. Please vote for us in the contest! We know it's too much to be the top mod of 2015, but for us will be more that enough just to reach top 100 as the last year :)

SlapMySloth - - 9 comments

So keen for this mod to be released
I'll vote for you guys

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EPICxStealthy20 - - 250 comments

Thank you

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yuriguepfrich - - 1 comments

Best mod that already played , I hope it stays that way , to waiting this update :)

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Commander_Wrench - - 19 comments

Wow you guys have accomplished so much this year! Know that this IS my favorite Mod and you will have my vote. Amazing Job Guys!

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suerteto Author
suerteto - - 2,509 comments

Thank you! Thank you all, guys! We are doing all this for you :)

Reply Good karma+4 votes
Luxwarrior - - 183 comments

****, kinda forgot I allready voted for you guys when the vote came. But this mod ,and other few, are just about the only mod's i'm following, this one being the most. I really hope this mod is picked to be mod of the year because this is just simply a legend in the making and is going to be the best mod even for empire at war as awhole. But like I said this mod is just simply the best and deserves the best fans! Heres to the future success of Galaxy At War:Clones Wars mod and modding team, you guys kick ***!

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G.frost - - 463 comments

Thanks man :)

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata - - 1,807 comments

You have forgotten the 327th Star Corp pI and II

Anyway, you deserve to be elected Mod of the Year

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suerteto Author
suerteto - - 2,509 comments

No, the 327th Star Corps was posted on Dec 11th, 2014 and the article is about our work in 2015 :)

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata - - 1,807 comments

My mystake

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WolffeAlmighty - - 23 comments

I'll vote for you guys too, also the mod looks like it has enough done for you to release an alpha or something like that. You don't have to, just wondering why you don't do that.

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suerteto Author
suerteto - - 2,509 comments

We have a lot of units for GAR but we don't have fully independent mod. And I see no point in releasing something that is not ready and it's far from the game we want to make

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