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This is the unit roster for the Numénorean Kingdoms. DCI: Last Alliance is a Third Age: Total War sub-mod.

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The DCI: Last Alliance team proudly presents the

Official preview of the roster for

the Numenórean Kingdoms

The Numenórean Kingdoms roster was a collaborative effort from the team, notably Earl of Memory, Curufin and Araval.
Sources used include Gondor/Eriador units from TATW (made by KK & Disgruntled Goat), Rusichi units and horses, Taro_M Gondor units and h7GF Gondor units.
More detailed credits at the end of the preview. We did our best to mention all those that should be credited, but in case we missed someone we apologize and will rectify this ASAP.

Huge thanks to Veteraan for taking all of the screenshots!

Ennor Spearmen

The natives of Ennor, Middle-earth, make up the majority of the population of the Kingdoms in Exile, whether they are kindred to the three Houses of the Edain or others; and as levies they repay their new lords for the prosperity and peace brought to the land, as the bulk of the armies. With their shields and spears they can form a battle line, but should not be trusted to hold it on their own against heavy enemy troops.

Ennor Archers

By tradition skilled as hunters the peoples of Middle-earth, who have had the fortune to get benevolent Dúnedain lords and gained enlightenment and prosperity, can now support their leaders and protect their homes as marksmen. Their outfit is of better quality than their counter-parts who do not live within the Kingdoms in Exile, but they should keep a healthy distance from the enemy assaults.

King's Rouqen

The King's Rouqen are military veterans who band up and by choice take an oath to serve the king. Their mustering house is located wherever the court is to be found, and the men are ever eager and potent to step up. Their homeland has been lost to the Sea trough the corruption of Sauron, and that must be avenged. Heavy Infantry only available trough the Capital Building [a DCI: LA unique feature], wherever the capital may be moved, thus the unit is available from campaign start.

Othar Spearmen

Men of partly Númenórean heritage or young Númenóreans form up the Othar companies. While lesser than their lords and elders in the gifts of Númenor and experience in warfare they still show high skill, courage and bring quality gear of war into the fray. The spear may be the oldest weapon of them all, but with a good reach and well forged tip is no less potent for that. The mightiest riders fear them and no Captain of the army would do without them.

Othar Swordsmen

Othar companies are raised from the partly Dúnedain population and the young Dúnedain of the Realms. Even if they do not match the strength of the knights, their quality education and arms mean that they can take on any threat that challenge their kingdom. Best deployed they take on hostile infantry, to breach it or so that the cavalry or other forces can flank and act as the hammer to an anvil.
Elendil promised that the land would be theirs till the end of time, and under the banner of the Seven stars the Othar will see it trough.


The Númenóreans do not themselves ride horses into battle, they are frankly to big for the mounts of Middle-earth, but entrust this to their subjects and mercenaries from other folks. The Rochben combines the tough stock of native Men and horses with the outfit of a Númenórean army.

Rochben Archers

On Númenor the art of horse archery was much practiced, but as the island sank most of that great race of horses were lost. In exile in Middle-earth the Númenóreans have had too few to make up any standing cavalry of their own, but rely on their subjects or mercenaries from the native folks who properly can mount the smaller horse breeds of the land. The Rochben Archers combines mobile marksmen with the outfit of a Númenórean army.

Arnor region AOR: Arthedain Hadryn
The Númenórean inhabitants of Arthedain honour the old art of throwing spears as well as form a line of it, to daunt beast and foe alike. Arthedain is the fertile west part of Arnor and is the home of the greatest population of Dúnedain, and loyal Middle-men, in the North Kingdom. There lies Elendil's city, the capital Annuminas, by the lake Evendim where once Celeborn and Galadriel walked the land and the bonds to Gil-galad in Lindon are firm. Therefore it is not surprising that the settlers of Arthedain, when they are summoned to defend the West against Sauron and other foes, do not hesitate to grab their arms and march out.

Arnor region AOR: Cardolan Swordsmen
Once upon a time, in the days of bliss, swords were at best heirlooms to hang on the wall in the grand mansions of the sunken homeland. But that was long ago, the Númenórean settlers of Cardolan in Arnor honour now the skill with the sword, in these dark times most required. The realm of Cardolan is in the south and east of the kingdom, where it borders the Grey River, the Old Forest and the Weather Hills. It is a prosperous area trough which the Great East Road run and where ancient burial mounds can be found, and its settlers are proud to have tamed and brought enlightenment to the land, and will not suffer any enemy to bring that to an end.

Gondor region AOR: Lossarnach Axemen
The Elf-friends of Númenor settled long ago along the river Anduin to seek fortune and avoid oppression from the King's Men, and came to mingle with their native subjects of the land. Those subjects are kin to the Men of the Mountain and Wildmen of Enedwaith, who all are related to the People of Haleth, even if the Dúnedain themselves are not aware of that, who in Beleriand in the First Age became the ancestors of the Númenóreans.
The Lossarnach inhabitants share heritage from both the Dúnedain and the native Men of Gondor and by tradition from both lineages, they are skilled with the axe. Axemen summoned by the Lord of Lossarnach are renowned for their use of a mighty two-handed variant and with it they ache to charge, to face the enemies of the West.

Gondor region AOR: White Mountain Archers
The Lossarnach inhabitants have inherited gifts from the Kings of Men and inherited the knowledge of the land from the Men of the White Mountain, making them formidable soldiers in the service of the realm. Their double heritage give them double reasons to defend Gondor and to face the enemies of the Númenóreans. Hunters of the wild mountain regions and vales, their aim is true, and they have been outfitted to make fullest use of their capacity.


Roquen Swordsmen
Seasoned men from among the Kings of Men, the Dúnedain, lords and elite of the Kingdoms in Exile, form these heavy infantry regiments of knights. Most are born in Middle-earth but still not few of them was born in Númenor and settled in Gondor and Arnor as a result of the Elf-friends migration, or came with Elendil and his sons on the nine ships that escaped the destruction of their homeland. No other people have been granted greater gifts in body and knowledge, and these remnants who stayed true to Eru Ilúvatar and the Valar despair over the fall from grace that occured. Now once more Sauron, who brought about the final corruption of their people as he manipulated Ar-Pharazon and the King's Men to attack Valinor, have declared war upon them, and it has become time to turn grief into just action. Ever ready to bring destruction upon the enemies of Arnor and Gondor, above them shine stars of hope and under them tremble the Earth that Elendil promised them, when they march for Barad-dûr.


Roquen Spearmen
When the Dark Lord worried over the strength of Númenor, facing the Roquen is what he thought of first, and their stern ranks still protect the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.The knights are Dúnedain, and their long campaigns against the Free Peoples foes have turned them into a war-hardened fighting force.They are protected by hauberks and carry broad shields, that limit their agility somewhat but deflect most enemy missiles, making them steadfast while holding the frontline. Equipped with deadly spears, these Roquen are especially efficient taking down enemy cavalry. When facing overwhelming hostile numbers they often band together to form a thangail, a circle of locked shields, to break waves of enemies as a rock in the sea, for as long as these knights still draw breath.


King's Archers
For centuries the Men of Middle-earth have feared the approach of ships at their shores, as an omen of a great rain of black death. The Númenóreans have created hollow steel bows, very powerful and far reaching, a great piece of craftsmanship that now will make its name on the continent as a tool of the Elf-friends to defy tyranny and not to aid it, as it has been and is under the oppression of the King's Men and Black Númenóreans. In the skilled hands of Númenórean soldiers the steel bow may tip the balance in the struggle for the survival of the Kingdoms.


Númenórean Mariners
For countless years the mariners of Númenór sailed the world, as explorers, to aid or to raid, as colonizers or tradesmen, always ready to fend themselves from threats, or to pose one when needed. Still after their ancestral home is lost these mighty men, of both pure and mixed blood, patrol the coasts from pirates or Black Númenóreans, or disembark to penetrate their enemies with a thrown spear and sharp sword.

General's Bodyguard: Númenórean Guardians
The noble commanders of Arnor and Gondor are protected in battle by seasoned roquen, sworn knights who have proven their ability and loyalty. The Guardians honour a long line of warrior kings, from Tar-Minastir who defeated Mordor in 1700, to Ar-Pharazôn who, despite his later fall, through military power forced Sauron to surrender his freedom in 3261.Over fine attires they wear the best armour mortal smiths can provide and their swords gleam in the sunlight. Although Guardians will lay down their lives in the line of duty, they of course prefer to hew down their foes, for the pride of the Realms in Exile.

General's Bodyguard: Ciryon's Roquen
The mounts of Middle-earth are too small for the Númenóreans to ride into battle, but Ciryon, son of king Isildur, has been provided with some of the few horses that stem from Númenor. This because he is expected to ward the vast southern flank against the enemies of Gondor. The companions who make up Ciryon's Roquen are brave Dúnedain from Lebennin and Harondor, eager to use their lances for devastating charges, and they can hold their own in close quarters.


Arnor region AOR: Rhudaur Torog Feredir
The rural eastern regions of Arnor by the foot of the Misty Mountain often face unwelcomed guests in the form of wolves, Orcs and trolls. Only the sternest and hardiest of the settlers from Númenór have made this beautiful but dangerous land their home, and thus its dangers they have learned how to face. Armed with strong bows and deadly two-handed axes the Troll Hunters go for even the worst of foes, their mighty ancestry more than honoured.

Gondor region AOR: Belfalas Magyr
The men of Belfalas come clad to battle in the colours and emblems of their prince. Descendants of Númenor they have maintained much of the gifts of Eru Illúvatar also under the Sun of Middle-earth. Gondor is their home and they gladly follow their kings into battle to protect it from anyone wicked and illfated enough to try to threaten it.

Gondor region AOR: Dome Wardens
Any man in Gondor would consider it an honour to be elected to join the wardens of the Dome of Stars in Osgiliath. Their order has been inspired by the phalanxes of the Lindon Elves in a tradition that goes back to the migthy city of Gondolin, the longspears reach are impressive and their edges sharp. The Wardens march wherever duty will take them, to make sure that any threat to their beloved city will pay the consequences for such folly and evil.


Belfalas AOR: Belfalas Rouqen
In the men of Belfalas the gifts of the Dúnedain race run strong. There are among them skilled riders, since on the field of Belfalas most of the few horses that stem from Númenor are held. Those who sit up upon them raise the Swan banner of the prince of Belfalas, a title given by Elendil himself, commonly thus called 'the Swan Knights'; to thunder of hooves they bring death to the foes of the land.

Harondor AOR: Harondor Sentinels
Harondor in the Sindarin tongue, lies beneath Ithilien, between the rivers Poros and Harnen. For a long time the border where the West meets the South, it is distinct from other regions.The native population consists of hardy kinsmen of the tribes in Near Harad, but has been influenced by the technology of the Dúnedain, who demanded their fealty and claim their homeland.The citizen soldiers of Harondor combine the traditional Haradrim warfare with spear and bow into one, as they ever been forced to defend themselves against numerically superior threats from both the North and the South. New however is the manner by which they craft their gear, and whether they are loyal to their nominal overlords or old ties of blood, they are a versatile force for a commander in battle.


Harondor AOR: Harondor Fencers
The professional soldiers of Harondor decimate their foes with javelins before engaging them in close combat. In melee they wield large scimitars, best used with both hands, not unlike the Noldor swordsmen. While their blade is stronger now than of old, the Númenórean influence is best seen in the protective gear they wear. This grants them respectable durability in battle.


Harondor AOR: Harondor Sabres
The chieftains and merchant lords of Harondor, who sworn fealty to the Númenóreans of Gondor, ride into battle leading their household guards, displaying the same boldness as their kinsmen in Near Harad.They are clad in good armour, influenced by the technology of the Dúnedain. Being traditionally accustomed to raiding and skirmishes, they do not have a lance but instead fight with scimitars. In battle the Harondor Sabers prefer to harass enemy flanks or engage foes with little armour, such as most archers or light cavalry.


Umbar AOR: Umbar Magyr
Umbar has ever been, since it was founded in 2280, the great haven for those Númenóreans who strayed from the path of virtue. But even their Dúnedain cousins mention it with pride as the place where Ar-Pharazon landed, and proceeded to humiliate Sauron in 3261. Now the city has fallen, men of Gondor rally to walk in the footsteps of their forefathers. The Magyr soldiers are no frail soldiers for guard duty or ceremonial parades, but hardy fighters. More practical than proud, the swordsmen seeks out knowledge about desert warfare from Haradrim collaborators, so they do not suffer custom disadvantages when fighting in the arid landscape.

Tôl Acharn Mercenary: Noble Volunteers
Sauron, the lord of lies, has returned after he lured the people of the The Land of Gift to make war upon the Valar and thus doomed it into oblivion. He has returned to capture Middle-earth, to finish what he started, but as he has reincarnated after the destruction of the island he has also made himself vulnerable, and therefore it is time for reckoning. Even when not called into service these valiant lords rally to the cause of the League, to defend the West and to oppose the Dark Lord.

Tôl Acharn Mercenary: Gondor Commoner Volunteers
The war now started from Mordor put such hope at crucial risk, yet if the will is true and the League supported hope still remain, and these volunteers pick up spear and shield to make this the last of wars and last of alliances needed.

Tôl Acharn Mercenary: Arnor Commoner Volunteers
The war now started from Mordor put such hope at crucial risk, yet if the will is true and the League supported hope still remain, and these volunteers pick up their woodchoppers and shield to make this the last of wars and last of alliances needed.

Tôl Acharn Mercenary: Commoner Volunteer Archers

The war now started from Mordor put such hope at crucial risk, yet if the will is true and the League supported hope still remain, and these volunteers come with their hunting bows to make this the last of wars and last of alliances needed.

Tôl Acharn Mercenary: Anduin Marhdrauht

The Horse warriors of the chieftains are few, yet well equipped compared to most Northmen in the Vales of Anduin.\nAccustomed to defending the fields and roads of the Upper Anduin, they carry shields and keen spears into battle. The Marhdrauht make a name for themselves by valour on the field of battle. If called upon to fight against Sauron, they are willing to act as vanguard or to protect the flanks.

Tôl Acharn Mercenary: Anduin Marh Archers

Professional soldiers without a prince to which they can pledge their allegiance, form companies who seek their fortune along the Upper Anduin, where horses are fewer than on the eastern plains. Complemented by young sons to local lords and restless Anduin Marhdrauht, the companies offer their service to Anduin's chieftains and other folks of virtue and wealth. Anduin Marh Archers combine the skilled rider with the keen eyed marksman. For as long as possible or appropriate they send arrows into the enemy host. But if need be, or fortune presents itself, they can charge into the fray while wielding their deadly axes.


KK & Disgruntled Goat for Gondor/Eriador units from TATW, re-textured by Earl of Memory but keeping true to their style.
Belfalas, Harondor, and Vale of Anduin units made by Earl of Memory;
Roquen Swordsmen, Spearmen, King's Archers and captain assembled by Araval;
Taro_M for Rochben (edited by Curufin) and White Mountains Archers (edited by h7GF and Araval); and for several assets;
h7GF for Numenorean Mariner officer, White Mountains Archer officer and bannerman and generic high tier bannerman; and for many new assets;
Curufin for Arthedain Hadryn, Rochben Archers, King's Rouqen, Dome Wardens (edited by Araval), and Númenórean Mariners (edited by Araval); and for the helmet for the captain model;
Additional shields by Earl of Memory for the Mariners;
Louis Lux for the steelbows;
Rusichi TW for many assets;
Shredder for some assets;
paradamed (for textures), Rusichi TW (for Marka horses), King Kong and AnthoniusII for the Ciryon's Roquen mount (edited by Araval);
War of the West: TW for the Belfalas Roquen mount (edited by Araval);
smoesville for the star brooch;


Tôl Acharn ! For the seven stars !

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