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As promised I will now give you a preview of the new version! I've been working very hard to improve old exteriors/interiors but also to introduce new exciting stuff. You can read all about it below and I expect some feedback, tell me what you think!

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You shall not pass!
Under sun and sky Outlander, we greet you warmly..

Keep in mind that things have changed since these pictures were taken.

Vanilla Fixes

* "Ex_co_ship_trapdoorb" in Frostmoth docs have been replaced with "Act_Ex_DE_ship_trapdoor". "Ex_co_ship_trapdoorb" is scripted colony door and a part of Bloodmoon's mainquest.
* "chargen_plank" is duplicated in Frostmoth, so when the script "CharGenClassNPC" runs, "chargen_plank" is randomly removed from either Seyda Neen or Fort Frostmoth docks.
* The "Five Fingers of Pain" spell used to "damage health". I've changed this to "drain health". Also raised the spellcost from 7 points to 20.
* Gondolier's Helm were marked as "medium armor". I don't know about you but since when did a straw-hat protect you from anything?
* goblin_shield_durgok_uni were incorrectly named "Goblin Shield", when it should have been "Durgok's Shield".
* Mornsu Omalor, a Dark Elf in the cave of Nammu carried 12 (!) bows, but only one arrow.
* Dolmesa Sarano, a Dark Elf in "Halit Mine" were incorrectly set as hostile.
* Zallit Assattadaishah, a Dark Elf at the Ghostgate should be an "Ashlander".
* Removed the smoke from Gorak Manor, there's no active fire inside.
* Removed several chimneys' in Pelagiad, some houses had no fireplaces.
* Changed the name of the small "Drum" to "Guarskin Drum" to fit with the other, larger drum.
* Some pieces of the Imperial Chain Armor set had the wrong AR value, fixed from 20 to 12.
* The Imperial Chain Armor Pauldrons had the wrong weight which made them count as "Heavy Armor".
* The Mace of Slurring didn't have "Igonores Normal Weapon Resistance" checked in the CS.
* Karpal's Friend didn't have "Igonores Normal Weapon Resistance" checked in the CS.
* Sword of Agustas didn't have "Igonores Normal Weapon Resistance" checked in the CS.
* Wind of Ahaz didn't have "Igonores Normal Weapon Resistance" checked in the CS.
* Removed Daedras' from "Kogoruhn" and replaced them with house encounters.
* Removed the shield from High Fane Ordinators, since they wield claymores.
* A few containers that should only hold clothes had gold in them.
* Steel Fire/Storm/Frost/Poison-sword used the wrong enchantments.
* Fixed over a 1000 items that had no "owner" or were floating.
* A stair in Ald-Ruhn, Guild of Mages were missplaced.
* The Adamantium Axe were misspelled as "Admantium".
* Large Dwemer Goblet were misspelled as "Dewmer".
* The Slavepods in Sadrith Mora wasn't locked.
* Added a shrine to Molag Mar, Temple.

Rebirth Fixes

* Removed a few items that didn't fit in very good with this game (wooden shield, wall of the eyeless, piano (wtf?) and some other small misc items.
* NPC's in Pelagiad, Guild of Mages, will now provide you with some services as enchanting and spellmaking.
* Fixed a rather serious bug I made when changing the setting value for unarmored skill.
* The Travel Agent in Seyda Neen will now let you travel to Pelagiad for a small fee.
* Removed a tree that were blocking the entrence in "Dissapla Mine".
* The Alchemist in Pelagiad were bugged and had no items for sale.
* Removed the enchantment from the Golden Saint helmet/cuirass.
* Added a guild chest to the Mages' Guild, Pelagiad.
* Imperial Chain Gauntlet used the incorrect mesh.
* Lowered a floating stair piece in Gnaar Mok.
* Fixed a few pathgrids/markers.

Rebirth Additions

* Some Imperial Guards are now female. I'll add more diversity in the next update.
* Lots of small cosmetic changes, mainly improvments to old exteriors/interiors.
* Temple members will now wear "temple robes", based on rank.
* You can now buy portable bedrolls from various traders.
* A new grand entrence to the city of Vivec.
* Various improvements in Gnaar Mok.
* New creature, the Stone Crab.
* New Tavern in Suran.


* The enchantments on "Trebonius' Staff" and the mace "Light of Day", were seriously overpowered, making the player able to cast the enchantment a 100 (!) times until you run out of charges. I've made changes so you can "only" cast the enchantment 20 times.
* Most enchanted weapons and armor had stats than were lower than their counterparts. In some cases they were also less valuable. Fixed so they share the same stats and are a bit more valueable (based on the enchantment).
- Example: The "Fireblade" worn by "Buoyant Armiger" is a steel shortblade, but its stats were actually much worse than the steel shortblade.
* Changed the name of a Nordic Silver Battle Axe to "Heartfang", as it was supposed to be an artifact, thus the change.
* The regular Bonemold shield were much more valueable than its "house" counterparts, value changed from 600 to 250.
* Raised the enchantment points a bit for glass/ebony/daedric staffs to make them more useful for mages.
* The Bonemold Long Bow were seriously overpowered with 400 enchantment points, changed it to 80.
* The dwarven mace "Clutterbane" had an error which made it impossible to use its enchantment.
* Stalhrim weapons had a weight that didn't made sense if you compared them to their armor counterparts.
- Stalhrim Dagger weight from 5 to 4
- Stalhrim War Axe weight from 34 to 10
- Stalhrim Mace weight from 65 to 12
- Stalhrim Longsword weight from 70 to 15
* Gave Volendrung an enchantment (It had no enchantment) similar to the one in Daggerfall.
* Stalhrim armor set were refered to as "Ice" in-game, changed to "Stalhrim"
* The Longbow were less valuable than the Shortbow, which made no sense.
* Made some changes to medium armor, should make medium more useful.
- Adamantium AR from 40 to 50
- Stalhrim AR from 50 to 55
* A massive value nerf to high-end weapons.

* "Corprus weepings" will no longer restore your health. Also reduced the value from 25 to 1.
* Increased the value for "Bear Pelts" from 2 to 25.
* Increased the value for "Snow Bear Pelt" from 2 to 50.
* Increased the value for "Wolf Pelts" from 2 to 15.
* Increased the value for "Snow Wolf Pelt" from 2 to 30.
* Increased the value for "Bristleback Leather" from 2 to 10.
* Reduced the weight for "Raw Stalhrim" from 5 to 2.5.
* Reduced the weight for "Raw Ebony" from 10 to 8.
* Reduced the weight for "Scrap Metal" from 10 to 5.
* Reduced the value for "Daedra Skin" from 200 to 100.

* Reduced the cost for "Restore Health" spells. In v 2.0 I buffed the cost for "Restore Health", but I think I went a bit too far.
* Reduced the area of effect for Frost/Lightning/Fire-Storm and Toxic Cloud from 10, to 8.

* Increased the health and damage done for the following Creatures (also include uniques)
- Ogrim & Ogrim Titan
- Golden Saint
- Dremora Lord
- Dremora
- Beholder
* Increased health and skills for the following NPCs:
- Varus Vantinius (Imperial Legion, Knight of the Imperial Dragon)
- Trebonius Artorius (Mages Guild, Arch-Mage)
- Orvas Dren (Morag Tong, Kingpin)
- Gothren (Telvanni, Archmagister)
- Furius Acilius (Lord's Mail)
- Most guards
- Umbra


* Removed the grand soulgem (filled, golden saint) from Balmora, Guild of Mages and replaced it with an empty counterpart. Also reduced the value of soulgems to make filled gems less valueable.
* You could find not only one, but two "sword of the white woe" in Balmora, I removed one of these. Also moved the remaining one to a more secure location where the guard can see it.
* You can no longer steal the Ebony cuirass in Dren's Villa by sneaking behind the pillar. It's not realistic anyway since Orvas Dren is just a few feet away.
* Replaced the patroling ordinator in the Redoran Vaults (lower level) with a stationary ordinator that won't leave the room while resting.
* Removed the Limeware platter from the Census Office, replaced with a redware platter.
* Reduced the amout of loot found at Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk/Dawn.

* Dwemer Cog weight changed from 50 to 20 (I mean the Dwemer Cuirass and Greaves had a combined weight of 50..)
* Rebalanced the cost of all apparatus. Weight will also be reduced based on the quality of the apperatus.

Apprentice's Mortar and Pestle from 100 to 75
Apprentice's Retort from 20 to 100
Apprentice's Alembic from 50 to 125
Apprentice's Calcinator from 10 to 150
Journeyman's Mortar and Pestle from 400 to 150
Journeyman's Retort from 80 to 200
Journeyman's Alembic from 200 to 250
Journeyman's Calcinator from 40 to 300
Master's Mortar and Pestle from 2400 to 300
Master's Retort from 480 to 400
Master's Alembic from 1200 to 500
Master's Calcinator from 240 to 600
Grandmaster's Mortar and Pestle from 4000 to 600
Grandmaster's Retort from 1600 to 800
Grandmaster's Alembic from 4000 to 1000
Grandmaster's Calcinator from 4000 to 1200

* Increased the time for vendors to resupply their gold, from 48 to 72 hours.
* Reduced the cost for Mages Guild Travel (nerfed from a previous patch).
* Changed the value of most keys from 300 to 25.
* Dwemer Coherer weight changed from 40 to 10


* Huge update to the optional "Better Textures - Armors", found in the extras folder. Thanks to Saint_Jiub for all the hard work!


* Cleaned the archive by removing unecessary textures/meshes/icons.

And MUCH more!


sounds great!

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wow wow.. wowwowowo wOWOWWWOWWOWOWWOWOOOOOOOOOWWW settle down there trance! your going to spoil us with all these fixes and additions.

Thanks for giving us hunters a decent wage.

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A ton of gameplay changes and balancing issues, great job!

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* Some Imperial Guards are now female. I'll add more diversity in the next update.

Ah, yes. Political Correctness comes to Morrowind at last. :-)

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i can now safley say that morrowind rebirth beats oblivion/skyrim hands down with a graphics/content to match and waaay better topic options

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Morrowind has always had better mods and support from the moddling community. Oblivion to me was too blocky with a zooming face feature that I did not care for. Fallout 3 was also too blocky? And Fallout New Vegas was really broken with voiced dialog? Skyrim I'm running on XP at low res. so I can't give a good review. But will try it out on the XBOX 360.

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Agreed. I hated Oblivion, it felt like some generic medieval rpg. It wasn't "alien" enough. However I belive they did a great job with Shivering Isles.

I actually loved and still love Fallout 3. It had its flaws but with mods its probably among my top 5 games ever.

New Vegas was pretty good, though it were riddled with bugs and issues. I can't even start it through steam nowadays lol.

Skyrim did a better job than Oblivion (although the setting is somewhat familiar), but it lacks depth and there's too little room for customization. The perk system was a new and fresh idea, but the implementation was really bad. Although with mods Skyrim can be pretty fantastic.

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yes Shivering Isles gave me such a different experience that it was mesmerizing, but the whole time playing Oblivion (expect maybe a very short time in the beginning) "Morrowind was never this generic! Why did I not finish that game anyways?". Its not just the weaker (and alot less) dialogue, medieval GPS device and the leveled loot/enemies (making every encounter feel generic), but the main story fell short by a mile.

New Vegas is one those games that I actually stopped playing before getting to the end which is very rare for me. I felt like Vegas area is to small and everything else feels a bit to hollow. Again not enough side quests, not enough dialogue to give it the fleshing out it needs. Atleast Oblivion had books to read. Old World Radio almost changed my mind with 100+ hours of extra audio work. I'll probably come back to it eventually.

Fallout 3 was pretty good because of its side quests, while the main story while interesting at first sort of felt hollow by the end and really did not give a proper send off for all the trials and tribulations who had to go through to reach that point.

What sort of Skyrim mods do you use?

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Fallout 3 - I really enjoyed but found the engine to be blocky and jarring - the same for New Vegas with it's broken voiced dialog - the main quest and DLC's in Fallout 3 were very entertaining and overall the game was very enjoyable.

Dishonored & Rage - I have not played yet. I'll wait till I get a new computer or an X-BOX 360. The same for Assassin's Creed 2&3, which I know is not a Bethesda Game.

Thief - I have to mention because it is still my favorite game that I play all the time. Thief I-III and of course Thief IV: The Dark Mod Project based upon the Doom 3 Engine.

I use very little Skyrim Mods, except expanded cities! Again because I'm playing it at low res. on a XP. Will have to wait for a new computer or X-Box 360.

Oblivion I played alot but found little that I would like to add to the game, agree it was generic! Knight of The Nine I enjoyed greatly and think it was a good addon. Shivering Isles, while I liked the weird landscape and both cities Bliss and Crucible, I found it disturbing and not a good main quest.

Morrowind - Still holds some strange attraction for me. And there are a ton of mods for the game. I only played it all the way through once, but can't seem to get past the first town without making changes ... I feel the same way about the whole game in general.

Daggefall - To me is the ultimate game. Not only to the tons of side quest, main quest, expanded landmass that takes you across the whole Illaic Bay. But tons of twisting dungeons and crypts. The game is just endless in options and thing to do. The only handicap is the 2D Graphics. If they took the core of this game and updated the graphics to DX11 ... it would Skyrim out of the water!

Arena - While I enjoyed the game, I found the mist Fog of War limiting in gameplay. But still the best RPG game to come out in it's day.

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Amazing :D Dude you worked a lot on this, i give you all my respect! :)

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Will there be a readme with all the changes?

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Yes, I'll try to wrap something up and add it to the "features" section. Thanks for the reminder.

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