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Here's a small preview of what you can expect in v 1.0. Please feel free to add suggestions.

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So here's a list of what you can expect in v 1.0:

* Added missing interiors for Vivec Docks.

* Added missing interiors in Pelagiad.

* You will now need a muckshovel to "harvest" muck.

* You will now need a minerspick to get glass, ebony & adamantium.

* You will now need Hospitality Papers to receive any services in Sadrith Mora from the Telvanni

* Huge music pack by an experienced composer (, more info in the media section. (

* Fixed a large number issues like: floaters, pathgrids & ownership.

* New things introduced like the cupcake, falmer short/longsword, blue hornlilly etc.

* Continuation on the project (landscaping) to make Vvardenfell less barren & more realistic.

* Some special characters are now much stronger that vanilla Morrowind, like they should have been.

* Improved splashscreens with Morrowind Rebirth logo.

* A large number of new NPC's

* New deskop icon for Rebirth.

* Further additions to the cities around Vvardenfell.

* Added a separate plugin, "Morrowind Rebirth - Creature Realism". Cliffracers, mudcrabs, rats & other small annoying creatures won't attack unless you do anything to them (blighted/diseased excluded). I've also modified some creatures like Ogrims to be much stronger, have more health but to be far slower than the vanilla game. Creatures like rats (rats will also be smaller), scamps & clannfears' are much faster but have less health. I'll provide a more detailed explanation later on.

* Just like in the "Expansion Integration", you will now encounter Dwemer Archers in Vvardenfell's ruins. Also: Some of the vanilla Dark Brotherhood members now wear the Dark Brotherhood armor-set.

* Imperial Archers now wear imperial chain boots & imperial chain gauntless.

* Imperial Studded Leather/Imperial Silver Cuirass/Imperial Dragonscale Cuirass now counts as an Legion Uniforms'

* Gave the Imperial Guards in Gnisis Imperial Broadswords instead of Imperial shortswords. This due to thier low skill in using shortswords.

* It will now snow in the Hirstaang Forest (20% chance).

* Guild chest added to Caldera Mages Guild

* You will now be able to "hit" ghosts using Adamantium Weapons.

* Imperial Forts will now have proper protection with more guards & gates.

There's a lot of other changes, though I can't remember them atm. :)


love it

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Me too!

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Creature Realism is a GREAT plugin because you don't waste most of your travel times fighting off every creature you encounter. I'm glad you are adding it to Morrowind Rebirth. I was going to add it anyways when the mod was completed

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trancemaster_1988 Author

It's not the Animal Realism that you can find on the net. This is something I've made from scratch, although it's kinda similar :)

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