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First Dev Diary of the submod, talking about its shortcomings and objective of the demo.

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732 portada

Hello! This is a simple mod that adds the date of 732 (After the battle of Touars). In this version you can play very well in Western Europe but in the Eastern part it can be a bit boring due to the absence of great lords of the tribes (The same happens with Scandinavia). In the same way, this first version is only for a quick test.
I decided to do this project seeing that other attempts to add dates like this or 769 were being abandoned.
This version is a very basic one and, still, without any flavor events (Like the appearance of new cultures, etc). I have tried to accommodate almost all the characters to be played (At least mostly) although Slavic tribes are ruled by children - Most of the founding characters of the tribes in 867 are newborn children in 732.

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