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I should warn you. Bob is not a common game... Here's why !

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When the 4th wall explodes

"Bob is a wonderfully weird puzzle platforming adventure with lots of funny 4th wall breaking humor and some incredibly tough level design, that sees you attempting to save the souls of dinosaurs, plants and other creature from mysterious octagonal invaders.

Bob is a game that starts off weird and just gets weirder the more you play. In it you take control of a cute little silent protagonist called Bob, a caveman with fairly limited abilities, but who will be able to transform into other creatures and use their abilities as the game progresses."

"Along the way you’ll complete trials, solve puzzles, attempt challenging platforming sequences and battle bosses. Bob seems fairly oblivious to the whole thing though – he’s is just an avatar, the game is actually talking to you, the player, guiding you through the experience in some cleverly written 4th wall breaking dialogue.

The bizarre narrative, unexpected twists and 4th wall breaking humor really help to drive you on. A brilliantly bonkers little caveman adventure well worth checking out."

by KJ Robertson from

What makes Bob so unique?

Bob is composed of a funny story that will become darker depending on the player's progress and the different choices he will make, which separates the main story into four axes.

Each time the player finishes one of the four stories, the following gameplay will be different.

If the player finishes every story ... well, I believe you will have to discover what happens by yourself ;)

Bob has the particularity of breaking the 4th wall right at the beginning. Bob is a character. You are the master (kind of...).

This game contains :

  • Choices

  • Intriguing Storyline

  • Platforms

  • Achievements

  • Easter Eggs

  • Cute enemies

  • Not so cute bosses

  • Dolphins

  • French version

  • Spanish version

  • Binary version (not actual binary... in fact not binary at all)

  • Cake

  • Lies

This game doesn't contain :

  • Minecraft Physics (thank god)

  • Viruses

  • Malwares

  • Unicorns

  • Emojis

  • "A winner is you" references

Game Available on Itchio !

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