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This thing is basically a hobby project of mine, with the goal to replace all the v_ models with higher-quality content. Great, with that out of the way: let's start off with some good news.

The pistol replacement is in-game and good to go, other than for some minor tweaking. It's the familiar G19 by Bullet_Head and Kimono, on a new set of animations, with a new arm model. The current arm model is still a work-in-progress and will be replaced later on. The updated sounds are sourced from the GHOST Ops mod, and have been mixed and edited to match the new animation set. Wonderful, isn't it?

As for the SMG, I finally managed to find an M203 model that has the proper mount and doesn't look utterly terrible. I stuck it on Twinke Masta's CAR-15, and edited the textures quite a bit to make it resemble the default HD model more closely. It took some time before I could get it to compile properly, but after applying a generous amount of elbow-grease I managed to sort out the kinks and get it working in-game. Animations will be started on soon.


The revolver and shotgun are next on the list, since I already have the source files for both of those. Finding good replacements for the more "exotic" weapons will be more of a challenge though. Have any to recommend?

Until next time. *tips*


I really like this texture pack (hopefully its has original content) but I really dislike CAR-15 because I prefer to have an SMG instead of assault rifle.

Btw: those textures are great but it doesn't fit to Half-Life for me.

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Hardflex Author

Might make an MP5 variant. Already hacked one together, just not sure if I'll animate it as well. As for replacements: I'm always open to suggestions.

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That's good! I hope you can animate that because smg its much better for Half-Life than some assault rifle.

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