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Pre-Battle Order and Deployment system add more formations and orders for your army and another lord's army. Read description bellow and see camp menu to adjust ai behavior in battle.

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  • Orders to specify to each division which Weapon Type to use, whether or not to use shields, and for ranged units, whether to avoid melee or not (skirmish),
  • Weapon-use fixes for lancers, horse archers, and spear/pikemen (and can be toggled off individually through the Camp Action Menu if the player so chooses).
  • Bodyguards will join your character in towns and villages. Your repute and leadership earn you the loyalty of your hero companions to fill this job. You earn 1 bodyguard for each 400 points of renown and 3 points of the Leadership skill. This defaults ON.
  • Original M&B-style feature: De-horsed Cavalry are Re-assigned. You can choose to have de-horsed cavalry (any mounted unit, regardless of division) be re-assigned to a division of your choosing upon the death of their mount. This defaults OFF.
  • Anti-Cavalry & Horse Trample buffs. Pikes and long spears now do much more damage against horses, giving them a significant buff in their intended anti-cavalry role. Similarly, horse bumps/charages are also buffed, depending on the heaviness of the mount involved. Heavy cavalry charges can now be quite devastating. Balancing comments welcome. These buffs are paired and default ON, just like the weapon use fixes below.
  • Battle Continuation with DeathCam modes (controled by mouse and up, down, left, right button). This defaults ON. It can be disabled in the Preference screen.
  • New Order: Volley Fire
  • New Order: Brace Spears
  • New Option: Dis/Enable AI to Brace Spears
  • New Option: Battle Continuation - Charge All on KO
  • New Option: Foot Archers without Ammo Division Reassignment
  • New Orders: Formations
  • New Option: Dis/Enable AI use of Formations
  • New ability to split one troop type into TWO divisions!
  • New AI options for using special attack orders, battle AI
  • Ranged weapon proficiencies lowered in bad weather conditions
  • Shield Bash (hold block, hit attack)
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