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Need to speak about it with my friends there. Hope, you`ll answer it. You can help by your answers.

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Hi brothers and sisters.

I need to say that i completely finished "Death of the Worlds" and now its the time of my universe destiny.

I have unfinished Potestas saga and thinking about to finish it.

But other part of my soul telling me that my universe is fully completed.

But what you can say about it?

Potestas saga was unfinished. This cruel state was stopped, but not defeated. Maybe i must to continue Eladraman saga and make new plots about full war with this state in space? Salah`Zarr is still alive, by the way, and he also can be threat for all life. He wants to destroy all heretics, who reject his religion.

Please help me to make good decision.

Regards Alex

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I'd quite like to see this story completed as I'm sure I and others would be interested to read it, but it's entirely your choice of course :)

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BagaturKhan Author
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who is it? ;)

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Ezarik - - 247 comments

(sorry that was me (moddb logged me out and I didn't realise))

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BagaturKhan Author
BagaturKhan - - 7,917 comments

ah thanks for < your comment anyway bro ;)

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illicitSoul - - 6,280 comments

Or you always have choice to start even new universe or write any short novel what might help you to try out something absolutely fresh and new. It would be break from old stories so you could find something absolutely new. But it's all up to ya. I hope I can be useful somehow.

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