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Hogur was released on Dec 6th 2010. What happened and what are the plans for the future?

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I released Hogur for $9.95 and also a 30 minute trial version on the official site on Dec 6th. Got a couple of nice reviews and mentions from some of the people that tried Heavy Hogur which I'd like to share

"Heavy Hogur is an essential purchase for puzzle-gaming fans." - Gamezebo
" offers an old-fashioned collection of puzzles, which are pretty satisfying to solve." - RockPaperShotgun
"...a winner who will challenge yet not frustrate you." - Fileplanet

There were some technical issues but overall the game was well received I think. Also got the game on a couple of portals such as GamersGate and our lovely Desura.


So what will happen with Heavy Hogur from now on? Well I'm planning an update for january (no specific date) which should contain the following:

  • Bug fixes
  • More rooms to solve (full version)
  • Undo feature

The last one has been suggested from several people and I hope it will improve playability, misclicks do happen :)
In the longer term I would like to add a few DLC packs. First an Editor where you can also share your rooms online. Probably some new tile types also and more rooms of course. I'll be back with more info on that of course. Any other ideas?

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I want to buy Heavy Hogur as I really loved what I played a while ago, but I'm wondering if it will ever be on Steam? I'd rather buy it on there to be honest.

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