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An Update on Frontlines of Terror, also soon a possible chance of a community Beta Test

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Command Activated

Opening Battlefield Control.....
Battle Control Exstabished

Verify General Name.....
SmasherJackson, Secondary United Nations Command
Verification Complete

Opening News Files:
Hello again fellow soldiers and veterans of C&C Generals, we have been hit with some delays on the Company of Liberty Mini-Mod and currently fixing the problem as we speak. But today, we are happy to announce our first open beta to the Community, which will start on Wednesday 10th November towards November 24th, the community once the open beta has been released will have a chance to test out the Company of Liberty Faction, also some additions to the US-Task Force, GLRF and Iron Dragon Factions, from there, you will be put in charge of spotting any bugs, problems, glitches and possible errors in the mod itself, the 4th Reich of Yuri and the Eurasian Commonwealth will not be present in the beta test so sorry for delays, but there will be chances of seeing some glitches in the models at some point, new tech structures for you to use in World Builder and unfortunately there is no AI for the Company of Liberty but if you want to help with the AI for the new factions, feel free to post a PM to SmasherJackson to assist.

Things not present at the moment:
No Company Mirage, Hind or Liberator
No Special Airfield
No Inferno Artillery Emplacement

Upgrade Bugs:
Improvised Armour - Armour plates present without upgrade

Easter Eggs (Placeholders and other stuff)
F-17 Sabre - Using the Raptor Model
UH-60 Blackhawk - Using Chinook Model
AH-64 Apache - Using Commanche Model
Company Airfield - Using USA Airfield Model

To Enter the Open Beta:
If you are interested in entering the open beta, you have until November 9th to enter the open beta by PMing SmasherJackson and leaving a comment in the PM with your E-Mail Address to state that you want to enter, once until 9th November, the Mod in its current state will be sent to you by E-mail, if you have any questions, concerns or any ideas feel free to post in the Comments, don't spam, flame or be racist to Community Beta Tester once you have entered the Open Beta Test, a full rules list will be posted in the next update before the Beta Test.


Too sad that I donĀ“t have a video card. I would like to join on the beta of another mod.

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