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Little resume of the current situation is about this mod

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It's been like a year or so I've put this on pause cause of school and all.Now I'm going to CEGEP in Multimedia creation and gonna have a new PC.

All that to says there is a chance I migth restart the whole thing or at least advance in it bit by bit.Dont take that for "Yes I'm going to restart for sure",no.I'm posting that to says that I keep thinking about that mod and I hate not finishing what I start.So even if I dont update often (or none at all) there are stuff still going in the background like rigth now I'm doing research on the loadout of the sections,whitch infantry division was in Normandy (who would be the first release one day).

Something else I was thinking about, instead of having Barrack,Garage,Panzer command or something else, there would be Divisionnal Command building.

Example there would be for Canadian the 3rd Infantry Divsion command, who would enable the recruitment of Canadian rifleman group, Canadian gun group, etc.

Rifleman group:
1xCorporal Section Commander (witch replace the sergeant) - Sten
6xPrivate - Rifleman

Gun group:
1xLance Corporal - Riffleman
2xPrivate - Bren gunner

So everything is been rethink but its still not sure when I'll restart the whole thing but I have the will to do it, now just need to have my new Pc around September and find some time to do it.

Don't worry it won't do like Duke Nukem Forever, if I'm stopping everything,I'll give you a word !

So yeah hope this clear up the whole situation.


ElectroEsper Author

In other words, I'm at planning stage.

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I even can't remember that mod...

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ElectroEsper Author

Yeah it's been a long time since.

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