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So recently a Guest User on this site posted a comment that basically sums up this mod in a nutshell. I have also chosen some new music to add to the game.

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It's Not A Remake, It's A Remaster

So recently a Guest User on this site posted a comment that basically sums up this mod in a nutshell. However, most people might have overlooked this, so I'm going to post it again here:

"I really wish people would learn to read the description of a mod before they start b****ing and moaning about it. If you're looking for a complete ground-up remake with entirely different dialogue, easier puzzles and final boss, or even for it to be made in an entirely different engine, then this isn't what you're looking for at all.

New Fizzler

"It's not a rewrite that changes the dialogue, or a re-imagining that changes the story and puzzles, or a remake built in a completely different engine for a completely different game. It's JUST a visually and auditorily improved re-release of the original mod, meaning IT IS THE ORIGINAL MOD with aesthetic changes, I.E. better models, textures and audio.

"I'd love for a complete reimagining of Prelude to fix all the problems, subjective and objective, with the original. Hell, even a full-blown remake in Portal 2's engine would be cool, but that'd just be a completely new mod with the same name. Don't expect that from this, because there's no reason to."

If I Die Before You People Can Pour Me Into A Computer...

Now, too be fair, one thing is slightly changed in the remaster, and it has been done to make the story fit with in the canon timeline. And that is the inclusion of Cave Johnson, who, at the time in which this takes place, is dead. So he only appears as a framed picture on the wall. However, he is planned to make a physical appearance in a side story, that will be revealed in June.

Credit to Softpedia

Interestingly enough, when listening to the developer commentaries from the original, I learned that NykO18 originally though that Cave himself was the one who created the murals in the Rattmann Dens seen throughout the game, which he assumed from Valve's job opportunity article published at the time. Caroline is also now alluded to in the base game, and her shouts of protestation are heard at the start of the aforementioned side story.

Return Of The Hamster

On a lighter note, I have chosen three new songs by The Hamster Alliance to replace the songs from the base game. The original versions of Chambers 6, 8, and 19 all contained various music form the original base game, and while it is nice hearing Kelly Bailey's iconic soundtrack in the mod, I want the mod to stand on its own as an alternate version of the 2008 original. The songs I have added are "Making Contact," "Residual Simulation," and "What Could This Be?"

I chose his music as he had already composed songs for the original 2008 version of the mod. That, and his work seems to be greatly underappreciated as of now, so I thought I would revitalize interest in him.

Possible Ports

Finally, I would like to make it known that once the mod is completed, I will be porting it to Mac & Linux, and unofficially to Xbox and Playstation via mods The Orange Box and/or Portal: Still Alive. Some might even have exclusive content across each of the different versions.

Ask Me Anything!

If you have any questions about the mod, or if you have any suggestions for me, feel free to put them in the comments! I'm always open for questions. I would like to close by thanking you for reading. Stay tuned for the next update, coming June 10th.


Hi. You use Portal 1 or Portal 2 Engine? If you use Portal 1 engine, why you import P2 models and textures, instead use the P2 engine?

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No reason to use Portal 2's engine at all, "It's Not A Remake, It's A Remaster"

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But why you import portañ 2 textures?

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oyqea-ntrtaynmnt-llc Author

Why NOT?

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