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What is left for Portal: Ambition? There's a lot more to be done, as the primary and only actively working developer, I need your help!

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Portal: Ambition is now open for potential developers looking to help.

Throughout the development of PA, It has always been a slow process for me. Being an independent developer has allowed me to shape the project based on how my mind would imagine it. Lately, with my personal life, I've had a lot of things come up, which have been eating up my time. PA's development had significantly slowed down since last December. Seeing the due date, which was late July, I knew that I had to do something. My initial thoughts on solving this problem were to cut ideas and shut down the idea of voice acting and plot. During the past few weeks, it had come to me that these initial ideas made Portal: Ambition unique. My new approach to the release of ambition is to bring people on board and go through with these plans.

People who are going to apply for potential developer positions must be creative and willing to work with others. I'll be arranging small groups of developers, with their aspect of the game to work on. The goal is for these small groups to work with each other, share ideas, be creative, and divide up responsibilities.

I'm looking for people who have some experience, whether that person has their own project, or has worked on other projects.

Here is a list of things that you can apply for:

  • Level detailing and polishing (Tweaking of level structure, detailing the environment, adding soundscapes to BTS areas and chambers, tweaking and creating lights and light sources.)
  • Scriptwriting assistance and voice acting assistance (Proofreading the script for PA, making suggestions for implementing unique dialogue, can assist with directing voice actors if needed, must be able to suggest dialogue without significantly changing gameplay.)
  • (voice acting will come after the start of scriptwriting.)

None of these positions are paid, sorry. If you apply for PA, you have to be willing to put some of your time into the mod. Extremely inactive developers will be removed and replaced.

The goal for Portal: Ambition.

As of now, I'm pushing the deadline of Portal: Ambition to October 31st. This has to take place for me to create a game that isn't rushed. My other goal for the devlopers, is to allow for creativity to take the lead while still being on point, and not changing gameplay significantly. I'm hoping the level detailers will make areas that look bland, more impressive. Even if that means editing the structure of a room. The goal is for gameplay to not be broken.

You have to have Discord if you're planning to be a developer in Portal: Ambition. Please contact me through direct messages at iambread#4506 ... Please ask questions about the responsibilities of these positions, or if you have any other related questions.

Playtesting is still available to apply for, you can find it in the announcements channel on our Portal: Ambition discord server.



Work in progress pictures, both campaign and bonus maps:

Musie_(MyCbEH) - - 234 comments

New screenshots looks nice, i'm glad to see that you understand beauty of portal1-style.

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monstervaccum - - 28 comments

Don't give up okay?

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