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This is our first Dev Log, the resume of our week (06 Feb - 12 Feb)

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Hi everyone!

The intention of this topic is to show you our journal-making Pompaze. We hope to give you weekly updates.

We have a lot of "time windows" or layers that we want to work on during the developing process of our game. We want to assign the correct time to work on topics like programming, modeling, texturing, environment art, level design, animation, visual effects, music, and UX/UI. I know, sounds like a lot of work for a two-people team but you know, "this is the life of a game developer". So, we don't have time to think that this is too much for us, so we decided to make a little schedule(divide and conquer) to complete all our goals:

Development Calendar

DevLog #1 (06 Feb - 12 Feb)

We created the conceptual arts for our game to give us ideas on where to start working. Concept art #1 explore the idea of creating micro-worlds for each level:

Concept art 1

The next concept arts were created with the goal to communicate better the idea of our game:

Concept art 2

Concept art 3

For us, a new day, it's a new functionally to add to our game!

We decide that Pompaze will have 21 mazes. Three mazes for each level. Each maze is created with 3 different maps on Blender: diffuse, roughness, and normal map.

We received the feedback that just walking in the maze is too boring, so we decided to add obstacles, but before that, we programmed the jumping action. Do you think we applied the right force? 😂

*It is supposed not to jump above the maze *

In Pompaze will be Power-ups. Whit these power-ups you will take control of the lava, run faster, and take control of some natural elements. We finish all models for the all power-ups that we need.

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