More trophies, Updated invisibility, Traps is invisible to Thief, more dynamic, and more fun!

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(What’s New?) A list of what has changed this week (tweaked mechanics, added content, etc).

- At this week, we concentrated on balanceing the game between thief and guard, and making the game more dynamic. We fixed bug on invisibility. Thus, thief is now 100% invisible when using invisibility ability. We've added 2 more trophies to prevent guard wait the thief near trophy. Instead, thief has to collect all 3 trophies to win the game. Now, guard cannot install trap near trophies or key. We give an advantage to guard that he now can see where the thief is by pointer in his screen (shows the direction of thief) when thief is trapped.

(What’s the Motivation?) A discussion / summary of why you made these changes. Where is your project headed?

- Until beta version, there was not much room for strategy. Thief's job is pretty dull (just find one trophy and one key). Thus, his route is almost pre-determined. However, by adding several more objects to collect, now user can make a strategy on what to pick first and what to pick late. Also, guard cannot use the 'cheating' strategy - waiting next to one object - to win the game. However, we also give guard the room to make another strategy. He can wisely use his trap. When, thief steps it, on guard's UI, it shows the warning sign and direction of where thief is while thief is trapped. Thus, it will give a hint to the guard where thief is.

(What’s Next?) What changes you plan to make for the next iteration.

- We will try to make the game more dynamic. We may add minion guards that distract thief player(slowing down the thief for certain seconds). Also, we might give a condition that opening door takes several seconds, while door is opening, if thief is distracted by guard, door stops opening. We will concentrate on balancing the game so that both thief and guard players can feel that the game is fair.

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