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Here is list of most of the features that my game will have. I hope i didn't miss anything important. keep in mind game is still in early development and things may change in future. Well, here it goes...

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Veer here! Creator/Developer of Pokemon Destiny. So, For a long time i wanted to create a video of all the features my game will have, but i couldn't find enough time to make it. So, i thought atleast i should write them down..
Here is list of most of the features that my game will have. I hope i didn't miss anything important. keep in mind game is still in early development and things may change in future. Well, here it goes...

- Gen1 to Gen4, Plus New Pokemon
- 6 New Starter Pokemon (New; cuz new Region, 6; cuz of a paper published by skye's dad suggesting why its better)
- Play using your Pokemon, Trainer will follow
- Fly, Surf or Dive Underwater (while being Pokemon)
- Use special abilities outside of battle: dig, burn, freeze or travel through suff etc (to find hidden items)

Pokemon HUD
- No visible Level or Exp bar
- Stamina Bar: Consumed by Special Attacks or Defense (also reflects fatigue)
- Health Bar: Regenerates if stamina is high enough!

Interaction with Your Pokemon
- Ride, Surf or Fly on Pokemon. Or carry them on your shoulder/back/head (depending on Pokemon size)
- Feed Pokemon to keep them healthy And to increase their battle stats temporarily
- Call them if they free roam too far
- Receive indication from Pokemon when they find something

Training Pokemon (TMs)
- Teach Pokemon new TMs (Training Moves and Tutor Moves) using special Training Mini-Games
- Increase stats with training (Speed, Stamina, Special Atk/Def etc)
- Increase Special Attack fill-up time: For battles, to use Special Attacks with less time-interval etc

Field Moves (FMs)
- Train your Pokemon to teach them Flying, Dive etc (to use them properly)
- Use Dig to find valuable items
- Cut to shred through forest to make your way
- Strength to move big boulders out of your way
- Climb to climb Steep Surfaces and Big Trees..
- Defog to regain visibility
- And few new FMs

- Egg Moves

World Features
- Gigantic Open World
- Day/Night Cycle
- Dynamic Weather System (Even weather forecast on your Pokedex)
- Smart AI system
- Location dependent Pokemon Sightings (Ex. Ice Pokemon at Cold Place and Water Pokemon near water etc)

- Big Cities, Dense Forests, Mountains, Deserts, Caves, Volcano, Lakes, Deep Ocean and Never Ending Sky
- Fast Travels

Interactive Points
- Main story mission (Start mission anytime you want)
- Side quests (Explore new stories and adventures / Help people / Solve mysteries: To help Female Main Character in her goal to become world class Pokemon Investigator/Detective)
- Mini games (Earn PokeDollars, Ex. Whack-a-Diglett or Flappy Hoothoot or Magikarp Splash Race)
- Tournaments (Different Pokemon races/Marathon etc)
- Contests (Photography contest, Pokemon Contest: Even create your own contest-moves using Mode Editor, and it'll be Multiplayer)
- Hidden places (Can only find using right Pokemon)

- Health Bar
- Also indicates health status (Ex. Sick, Cold, Dehydrate etc)

Real-Time Battle System
- Attack, Defense, Dodge, Status-Moves, Field-Moves and Combos
- Create your own unique battle style with stat control (Raise speed or defense, Up to you)
- Use TM (Training Moves) to surprise your opponent
- Evolution may occur during battle
- Switch Pokemon anytime (with 5 second inactive timer)
- Tag Battles (2 vs 2)

Dynamic Battle System
- Combinations of moves (FlameThrower against WaterGun will create smock; reduced visibility for a while)
- Using Ice Beam after Surf will make the ground icy slippery etc

- Link of Pokedex Concept…
- Already consists all the info of 6 Regions Pokemon, So see the info on sight (no need to catch)
- Access Region Map
- Objectives (Main mission, side quests)
- Point of Interests (Pokemon Center, Gym, Shops, Battlefields etc)
- Camera: Take pictures, Store in gallery or Share Online
- Calling: Call other Trainers/Professor/Friends
- Upgradable Hardware (Ex. upgrade to enable water proofing to use it inside water while diving)
- Keeps record of your earned badges/achievements etc

Fishing Rod
- Catch Pokemon with Simple Fishing Rod
- Lure Pokemon with SoundWaves, Hi-tech Fishing Rod
- Upgrade your Fishing Rod to Catch/Lure Heavy Pokemon

- Enable yourself to see in the dark, white traveling in the forest or desert

- To stay healthy during heavy rain (Health will directly impact in your battle)

Player Camera
- 3rd person and First person camera view (For both Player and Pokemon)
- Drone Camera (Also can be controlled manually to take pictures)

- Bike, Boat, Skateboard, maybe a Hoverboard

- To heal your Pokemon when they are injured (duh..)
- Healing Items (Potions, berries etc)
- Rescue Team (When you faint in desert or something)

- Pokeballs
- Evolution Stones
- Mega Stones
- Sell your items

Clothing & Accessory Shops
- For you and your Pokemon

Tech Shops
- Buying Hi-Tech Items, such as Hi-Tech Fishing Rod, Pokemon-GPS etc

- Unique and Beautiful Gyms with their Unique Gym Leaders
- You may even need to reach their first using your Pokemon somehow

- To study about Pokemon

- Legendary Sightings, Perhaps Catching
- A Brand New Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Fusion
- Combine two Pokemon in One (currently only owned by an evil team)

- Two new Pokemon Types

- Skye: Main Character
- It-A-Spoiler: A female Main Character
- Prof: Pine
- A Rival Guy: You started your journey together but can you train hard enough to beat him
- An Evil Organization: To give you some hard time
- Their Evil Boss: Accept it! You can't become a hero without him

Co-Op Mode
- Use local network to play with the 'Main Girl Character' to assist Skye in his journey
- Train, Travel and Trade Pokemon with her, And Tag-Team Battles against Evil Team

Multiplayer in SinglePlayer/Co-Op
- Few arenas around the Region will let you battle against other players who are also playing the same game online
- Or watch other people battle
- Single/Tag battles
- Chat or Trade Pokemon

And Finally Multiplayer Region League Championship
- Finally compete against 100's of players all over the world to show them whose the Best Pokemon Master of all!
- Will held every month!

I'll keep editing this list if i change something or add.. Let us know what are your thoughts about it!
And As always.. thanks for following and all the support! :)


Holy moly this sounds to awesome to be true! Best of luck to you!

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I'm really curious about the new ideas like new pokemons, new types, and the fusions. You did good including gen 4 and below because everything above gen 4 is (lets be honest) bad. Good luck. :)

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I agree that they are bad but legendarys are cool like zekrom reshram (not Kurym) yveltal xernes but I think that gen 4 has one of the most coolest Pokemon ever!

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you mentiond mega stones. does that mean mega evolution?
very nice list, will be expecting it with baited breath

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So much thought put into this, it is SO DETAILED and PERFECT!
I honestly can't wait for more videos showing us some of these feautures, and maybe a beta, alpha version soon? :D

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Keep up the good work.Also very good idea about the worlds championship have you thought whats going to happen to someone if he become number 1.I mean will he be rewarded with money or something

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if i had to guess, i'd say in game currency, a title or something, and bragging rights.

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This is the pokemon game I've been dreaming of since Red and Blue came out. No pressure lol.

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hello , I am fan of his work here in Brazil. I wonder about this article , it means that this close for the day which will release the game?

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any (loose) estimate of when this will be ready? 1 year? 2?

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considering he only has less then 20 pokemon ready (guesswork here), and not much on the move department, and considering just how much stuff pokemon gathered over the years, i'd say much longer if he does all the work alone.

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This is just too much, really hope this becomes a reality. Great job with everything so far.

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This game already sounds amazing, I can't wait to possibly see some beta/alpha versions of it. If you haven't already gotten one, I would suggest a team to help speed up the process and maybe even throw a few more ideas around. Best of luck!

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Veer , add a few anti cheats , so that there can be no chance of hacking , because it will be unfair if people with hacked pokemons win the multiplayer league , like u can add something that locks the values , and they can't be changed until and unless someone gets money /level ups pokemon by the ingame methods. And to save the game , we will have to connect to internet for more safety
And what about shiny pokemons? Will the game feature them too? :D

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pls link to the download

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for example if I want my charmander not evolve, you can stop the evolution to remain a charmander

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if this game will die i will commit suicide T_T YES I WILL
OH and try to make a sandbox map were we will be able to cheat or add people thx

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i just cant wait!

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Sounds awesome~

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