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It's the 15th anniversary year of Myth II Soulblighter. This time around we discover the joy of childlike innocence...

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Remember when you were a kid? Creating imaginary worlds in your head and running around outside? Pretending to be movie characters or knights or soldiers or cowboys? If so then you should be able to enjoy this mod with ease.

I filmed the POC section for this a while back but never got around to popping it up. As I've said many a time before download it and try it out. via the button below. And if you don't own Myth 2 or have lost your copy then Amazon/Ebay should sort you out. Or boot fayres, everyone likes boot fayres.

Notes: Not all plugins and such are compatible with each other. For the best, most probably easy running make sure that only the Myth 2: Freedom plugin is loaded. This level is based and ported from real life by DaCid and Clan McCoolness for their friend Solomon using Myth: II Soulblighter. Solomon would be around 16/17 now if my maths is correct and probably getting slightly embarrassed if he's reading this now. -


im not embarrassed :), im a game developer now

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