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Yet another release candidate playtest. Also some preparations going on for a big stable release soon.

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As you may have noticed the OpenAL website is down for days and our Windows installer broke. Throw your rotten tomatoes at Creative Technology Ltd. and us for solely relying on them. Your only chance: try a current playtest and help us spot the bugs for the upcoming release.


  • Bundled native Windows dependencies inside the installer.
  • Dropped out-of-the-box support for the Cg renderer for Windows. You can still download the NVIDIA Cg Toolkit yourself and place the DLLs in your OpenRA folder.
  • Added a switch for portable installation to the Windows setup.
  • Allow the AI to try and attack anything again as the proposed fix decreased performance.
  • Tanya can now only target infantry with her colts, not tanks and buildings.
  • Snipers can now target enemy oil barrels.
  • Removed C# 4.0 compiler features so you can build from source with solely the .NET 3.5 SDK.


We are currently modernizing our deployment infrastructure and website:

making download and installation

as well as finding games

a lot easier.


Yey =3

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Can we expect some more missions for RA and C&C? Especially some coop ones. That'd kickass. Because the multiplayer is getting boring with the constant rushing and no real mission goal except for annihilation.

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Lots of changes latly. Keep up the good work.

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