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Many usability improvements, better documentation for modders and hopefully some steps closer towards a new stable release.

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  • Fixed crash that can occur when a player left the game on dedicated servers.
  • Added automatically generated developer information aimed at modders
  • Added >2 turrets for units and refactored the code as a preparation for RA2/TS
  • Added launch-scripts for Desura on Linux
  • Added Shroud selector to spectator mode
  • Added option to disable bots on server + disable bots on any dedicated server temporarily because there are long-standing known issues with it.
  • Added the map editor to the program menu on Linux
  • Added a toolbar, more icons, tooltips and a help menu to the editor

  • Fixed inconsistencies in the hotkey-subsystem that crashed the C&C mod
  • Fixed crash on first-start when game assets are missing
  • Added more values to syncreport.log to investigate long-standing desync issues
  • Added the diplomacy system back in (Fragile Alliances), but restrict it to FFA games only (no teams selected, not a co-op campaign mission)
  • Added an announcer voice when the game starts in Red Alert (thanks to Nyerguds for mixing it together!)
  • Fixed a RA Desert terrain palette rotator regression introduced by the latest code refactoring
  • Added double click on server to join it in the game server browser.
  • Added possibility to cancel ingame-chat with ESC
  • Added contrast to range circle for better visibility on water/snow.
  • Added OpenRA.TilesetBuilder.exe to the release package (will crash on start-up because the configuration files are missing, sorry)
  • Fixed crash when last player leaves game in C&C
  • Changed C&C sell/repair hotkeys are now pulled from the settings.yaml
  • Fixed crash on powerdown hotkey (B) when playing cnc
  • Added tab cycle key to setting GUI as it already is user-configurable
  • Fixed the edgy aircraft contrails (now nice and smooth)
  • Fixed long-standing usability issue with conflicting GUI widgets in the lobby (kudos to Bidifix!)
  • Fixed master-server not being informed about dedicated server shutdown when admin presses disconnect.
  • Changed C&C flamethrower range to 2.5 (reduced from 3)
  • Added automatically pause the game when users navigate to the options menu in Single-Player
  • Changed C&C infantry animations running ticks corrected (less hectic)
  • Added C&C helicopter explosions
  • Changed A-10 HP from a very small 60 to 150.
  • Changed C&C construction crane animation speed to go slower
  • Changed allow the construction of MCV in C&C again (due to popular demand)
  • Changed shroud reveal ranges on a few units in C&C
  • Changed C&C SSM long range artillery to mobile anti-air SAM launcher
  • Changed C&C ATWR HP reduced from 800 to 600
  • Changed C&C ATWR power consumptions inreased from 20 to 30
  • Changed Increased sight range of C&C towers to match their range.
  • Changed C&C silo moved over in build queue

What is the schedule for the next stable release?

When it's doneā„¢ but as we are a transparent Open Source project have a look at this milestone on our bug tracker. You can see the remaining known blocker issues there, which are too severe to allow tagging a stable release in the development branch. If you want to speed up the process, your patches are welcome. Join our IRC channel #openra on FreeNode to get some help and become a RTS game developer by night as well. :)

Sneak Preview

The website is currently moving from a content-management system to a more crowd-resistant static website generator. It will also feature an AJAX live game server browser that hooks up with the master server and the content website to advise people to upload their maps their for the upcoming in-game-auto-map-download feature.


Great Job so far, looking forward to the full release. Keep it up.

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